Friday, July 30, 2010

Thank God it's Happy Friday!

Please pardon the extra-sloppy colouring and such... I was distracted a bit during lunch.

We have good plans this weekend... DECLUTTERING! My tiny house has filled itself up to the gills with chachkes and knick-knacks that NEED TO GO. I can't take the cluttered surfaces any more! I need to pare down 'craft-central', and organize it, and probably start taking a good hard look at my fabric hoard and start getting rid of some of it. It's time.

We are trying to supply enough cluttery things to fill a table at a local rummage-sale the coming weekend (we hope), if not it's yard-sale and then Goodwill. Either way, clutter is GOING. AGH! I'm going to have a hard heart and get rid of things I've been hanging onto for no reason, like my collection of teddy bears in tiny animal costumes and the sand-bottles I made each year in the town's summer fair where I owned my home in New Hampshire. The ugly 'copper' pots in my kitchen? Gone. My extra service dishes that do nothing but gather dust on top of my cabinets? GONE. I will relish this moment...

I will.



Jody said...

good luck - it's always cathartic, but often difficult to do!!! I watch an episode of "Hoarders"and that ALWAYS gets me moving in the decluttering mode!

Alyson (New England Living) said...

Oh, how I love to declutter and get rid of non-essentials! Hope it went well!


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