Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Friday Plus.

"Hush, I think she's sleeping." ~ Another hastily scribbled Office Special for this Friday
Wow it’s a double plus day. It’s Friday, and it’s a Friday before a three-day-weekend. The only thing better than that would be independent wealth and all the free time in the world to putz around and do the things you want; that would rule. We can dream right? Maybe one of my less-than-stellar books will suddenly start selling off the shelf, and be discovered by a movie producer, and be made into a crappy pulp-fantasy movie with really bad SyFy channel-quality CGI like Eragon. Maybe. Hey, if Stephanie Meyer can sell her tripe by the millions, even my pulp could… who knows. Then I can start laying out all the dreams I have floating about in my head; the ones that keep my mind occupied on my long and often boring drive to and from work.

On a day like today, I think about those things. I think about owning a riding stable of my own like we did when I was a newb in this world. I think about having a studio big enough to host workshops for costuming, and having the time and freedom to pursue all the things I like to do without being stressed out by squeezing them into the few free hours I really have. Most of my free hours these days are spent recuperating from a stressful week… I want to hide from the world come Friday, and not do anything, rather than get out and do stuff.

A while ago, hubby and I were out and about running errands and we stopped by the feed store to get some necessities for Herr Horse, and I was browsing the corkboard for interesting things. There, on that board was a horse property for ~ $500,000. The description was really alluring, so for no better reason than to be a dork, I tore off a contact number strip from the page, and we got into the car, and stopped somewhere for lunch, and I started talking about it hubby. He was like: “Let’s check it out…” So we did. We called the owners, and as soon as we were done eating, we hopped in the car and drove out there. 20 acres, fully fenced, trout pond, tree nursery, riding arena, seven stalls, room for ten more, a decent house (manufactured home with a lower level room the size of the whole house’s footprint that just screamed studio at me) with three bedrooms… beautifully cared for, two separate pastures… a hen house (squee! I want layers again and ducks and annoyingly loud peacocks and turkeys!) and it was in the perfect location, with perfect tree coverage, perfect everything. Sure the house was more modern and had less character than I would like, but given everything else the property offered… I could deal with a cookie-cutter home if I could look out my kitchen window and see Tag in a wide, grassy pasture instead of getting mud-stores standing in a bog. He would be happily grazing, while boarders come and go. I thought about the lessons I could give, the other ways I could use this property… maybe start a ponyclub again... and frankly, this visit, which occurred, oh, back in early April or March, has not left my mind.

It was like life was intentionally kicking me in the head. It was saying: “Here’s exactly what you want, look at it, love it, dream about it – There’s no way on earth you could afford it! AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Now keep trudging on your damned hamster wheel while I laugh heartily at you!”

::::sigh:::: Instead, I have to be happy with the little things like three-day-weekends. Don’t get me wrong, I value my Yaaaay Friday.

Anyway... Also in the news... my long-lost cousin has finally had some activity on his FB account, and he proceeded to accept the small slough of Peteranecz-friend-requests that awaited him these months. Once he contacted me on FB, I notified all of the Peteranecz family, and they pretty much all friended him.  But he did not log back on for a while, and just when I was thinking he never would again, boom, here he is.  I posted pictures of his father and his grandfather, much to his pleasure, and then he posted some pictures of himself.  He's so young! A puppy! Probaly about 14, it looks like.  I hope he wasn't overwhelmed by the cascade of greetings from the sparse family he has over here in the US.  I'd very much like to give the kiddo a hug and show him that just because he lost his daddy doesn't mean he doesn't have connections.  Isn't he cute? ::beam::

Adorable.  Looks like he's out fishing.


storybeader said...

cute kid! Your trip to the horse property sounded very, very nice! Yes, I know how those fantasies can take over, but then, they sometimes work out.... Have a nice weekend! {:-D

The Dreamstress said...

I love your idea of perfection! If one of your books makes lots of money can I come mooch off you? If I become a famous artist or something you can come mooch off of me!


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