Friday, September 24, 2010

Vendredi... YAY! And Boo.

Yay, it’s Friday! Woohoo!

Miss Aquila was created while I was on the phone yesterday... she was coloured during lunch... badly and hastily.
She is supposed to be a Golden Eagle. :::wince:::
 I spent last night sewing. I’m too ill to go to the Faux Fox Hunt (BOO!!!!!). I have been sick and going to work despite, and I feel completely drained and burnt-out. The pain of the sore throat has been remediated, but I still have ear and balance issues and my energy levels are tapped out. I need to take the weekend to recuperate. However, I spent last night sewing someone a simple bib-front muslin day gown (as I always do) so *they* could attend the Fox Hunt. How unfair is that? Hopefully my germs won’t spread on the gown and make everyone sick. That would be bad. Very, very bad.

I suppose it’s good I'm not going anyway, because I never got ‘round to making my riding habit. I’ve been too sick and grumpy to sew anything of substance. I did make a new set of transitional stays for myself, but I’m not done binding the tabs on the bottom (OMG, what grueling work!) and I just haven’t been feeling up to much of anything lately. :::blurgh::: However much I wanted to crawl into bed and sleep yesterday when I got home, obligation is a strict task-master, and so I was up until just after midnight on my four-hour project. Yes, I sewed the entire gown AFTER taking Satan to the dentist again. I got home at eight and she has another appointment in three weeks… will I ever be done driving Miss Crazy around all the time? I think not. I’m stuck with it… unless I install an ejector passenger seat…. :::pauses to visualize this with a whimsical smile on her face::: Ejector seat. What a concept. She got all pissy at me last night because I wouldn’t stop to take her shopping for clothes at a local Ross store. No consideration for my time, or my not feeling well, instead she kept doing the guilt thing: “Well, I’m not trying to inconveeeenience you… I didn’t think it was tooooooo much to ask….” No way. I’m not her freakin’ chauffer… Three hours in her company at the dentist is where I draw the line, I’m not going to follow her around a retail store while she picks through clothes. Screw that. Especially when I had a gown to sew when I get home. I'd have been up until one or two AM had I acquiesced

Try to ignore the buttons pinned to the bib.  That's how they all get their gowns,
so they can add them on after they've fitted to insure they're placed right.

Aaaanyway, I digress… This bib-front was a very simple project as I tend to make all my ‘for others’ gowns. I won’t vouch for the quality of the sewing; it was done hastily, so some seams are wonky. I’m sure a few wearings, washings and pressings will make everything fall in place, and all those stray threads I forgot to trim… woopsie! I do love that back though. Always do… but I do notice that around 11:20, I was getting tired, and I was doing the knife-pleating; one side is much more fastidious and neat than the other… the pleats are a smidgen wider on the other side. Oops. Lucky it didn’t require any trim, because it would probably just be lopped on with hot-glue at that point. LOL. I’m worried about it, honestly. Its wearer is a teeny thing (she lost 150lbs in 7 months, and looks faboo) but she’s got some healthy assets in the boob department, and now that I look at that scrunchy, flimsy little bib, I’m worried about it being able to contain her girls decently enough as to not cause some inadvertent spillage. Cross your fingers (although I'm sure the boys wouldn't mind so much) ... ::sigh:: We shall see… She's coming by this afternoon for a fitting.  Oh, and I took one of my old Dressage toppers which had gotten some paint on it by accident, and refitted it so she'd have *something* riding habitty to wear to the hunt.  See below.

An old dressage topper gets a bit of a makeover.
Anyway, Happy Friday for what it’s worth peeps. ::hugs:: to you guys who are here all the time… and just to say thanks for the support and comments, I do appreciate them very much. /THC


the Goodwife said...

That is a lovely gown! I haven't got much sewing talent myself but I try. I couldn't make anything like that though. I'm sorry you aren't going to be able to make it to the "hunt" and hope you'll be able to make the next one. I also hope your horse is all recovered from his gunk! Maybe he gave it to you! ;)

The Dreamstress said...

Oh poor sweety! Take some time and do something for yourself.

The dress is great, but if you can't go to an event because you are sick, you really shouldn't stay up until the wee smas making something for someone else.

OK, getting off my 'mama' stool now.

Rhonda Roban Brausey said...

The dress is lovely. I am so sorry to hear you are sick. Kudos to you for putting up with mother satan. Now it's your turn...GO Rest!


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