Friday, August 20, 2010

YAY! Happy Friday ... n stuff.

A very sober Miss Grey.
I’ve been a moody thing lately. Yeah, even a bit crazy. Mostly because the Clomid fertility pills have my hormones in uproar and I’m an emotional freak. The other day, I was watching Pit Boss, and I started bawling like a baby when they described a dog being deliberately burned to make the dog mean. I cried for half-an-hour, bemoaning the world that could allow such horrible, heartless people to exist. Shorty, you’re killin’ me!

Apparently this is pee-in-your-pants-laughing worthy image.  In MY crazy world.
Yesterday, I saw the above picture and I started laughing. I mean that kind of out-of-control laughing where tears come out of your eyes and your laughter is nothing but empty wheezes. Moreso, I was BY MYSELF. I was at my desk, in my office, converting numbers to range codes, looking at this picture, laughing my ass off for twenty minutes. I would slow down and stop laughing, and then explode into laughter again, wiping the tears on my sleeve. It was completely and utterly bizarre. It is a funny picture, but the laughter was seriously disproportionate to the humour. I dunno… {1} I’m a weirdo sometimes. Okay, more than just sometimes…

I’ve had a mother-laden week. And it’s not over. Tuesday I took her to see my brother, which was oddly a touching moment. Her bluster and boasting and outright lies aside (“Oh, John NEVER watched TV… NEVER! ::::::::::nonplused stare::::::: ), my brother was pleased to see her. He gave her a couple of kisses and hugs. He was not upset at all, nor did he react to her leaving him there, so he is pretty well adjusted. He looks so good, it warms my heart. His foster home is so loving and kind… and they take such wonderful care of him. My mother was really quite pleasant that day… hardly any negativity, nice conversation, I was surprised.

She made up for the pleasantness on Thursday when I took her to the dentist. Dr. Biermann is the best dentist I’ve ever had. Ever. I adore him, I adore his office staff, and I love going there. Yes, I love going to the dentist. (Refer to {1}). My mother got very angry when Dr. B asked me (the transporter) to set up a follow-up appointment for a dental cleaning for my mother in order to prevent more extractions (he yanked a molar out of her evil head yesterday). My mother, not being included in the conversation, got piping mad and threw a tantrum, started shouting and dropped the ‘F’-bomb; calling my beloved dentist rude. I had to reprimand her like a child. I did it in French so it was less obvious, but I had to shout “ça suffit, maman!” How embarrassing is that?

After dropping of her Rx for Vicodin, I swung by the stable to pay Tag’s rent, and we went to say hi to the big doofus; we then picked up the Rx, stopped at Panda Express (yuck) because she was hungry for rice, and then I drove her all the way home. I got home at 9:30 PM. Hubby was already in bed. ::grr::

Saturday we are hosting a little BBQ for mother-in-law’s birthday. Sunday, because I’m a glutton for punishment, I’ve decided to bring Satan up to the house for the day. I also invited S-II so I felt compelled to warn her that it’s likely she’ll be offended by her at least once during the day; and that she should not withhold her sass or her opinions for Satan’s sake. Oddly, the ruder you are, the more she respects you. So I am crossing my fingers that I don’t have any undue drama because of Madame LeDiable. Luckily S-II is like family, so she probably will forgive me if my evil mother shocks her. Probably.

Maybe my Clomid-induced-lunacy will kick in and I’ll have an emotional break or something, and make everyone really uncomfortable. We can only hope.

Anyway… happy Friday. Yay?

The office-special above is supposed to be a grey wolf.  I drew it with a really old thick-leaded clicky pencil, and then inked it with a Pilot G-2 pen.  I took my pencils home a while ago, so I have no colours except the paint program, but that sucks so I left her in B/W.  Anyway... have a nice weekend. ;)


Jody said...

I think that you are holding your own and in a most admirable manner! I mean, c'mon, how classy to be able to dress down the old girl in French! Wow. You have some real stones in your shoe and yet - you are hopeful enough to be ready for pregnancy!!!! Yay. I am sending best wishes your way. Hang in there.

Lauren said...

Positive baby waves~~~~~~~

Anywhoo, wow, you got a lot on your plate. I'm glad your handling it so well. :-)

storybeader said...

sounds like a wild week. And I thought I had it bad... getting over a stomach virus or something... {:-D

Alyson (New England Living) said...

I hope your Sunday party with Satan wasn't too overwhelming! As far as I'm concerned, you're a saint!

I love that drawing, by the way!

And thanks for all the wonderful words of support you wrote on my blog! It really helps, especially after 2 days of being attacked by random family members for having this blog. Bummer.


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