Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Blog Award! Wee!

I have received a new blog award compliments of the Miss Georgiane from 'Letters from a Lady'. I thank Miss Georgiane for her thoughtful gift.

I've been described as a lot of things.. but stylish?
Hey, I take the compliments where I can get 'em. ;)
This blog award comes with a set of rules, as some do. They are: Post seven random facts about yourself and then pass this award onto 15 other bloggers. I have chosen to award only five other bloggers, I think awarding too many dilutes the meaning of the award.

I can't imagine I can come up with seven random facts about me that I haven't already posted twice about on this blog; LOL... I talk about me way too much. But, I'll just wing it--sorry if they might be repetitive.

1). The four languages I can speak in order of fluency are: English, French, Dutch, Spanish.
2). I have been known to build dollhouses and sculpt miniatures on occasion (escapism... I'm good at it).
3). I own twelve web domains.
4). I recently swallowed my pride and read the Twilight series.. I know, I know, please don't think less of me. And yes, they *were* utterly ridiculous. But I read them anyway. Harry Potter is next... but only when that stupid woman decides to release them in e-book format.
5). I had an imaginary friend when I was a child named "Esmeralda" and she was a Roma Gyspy and looked just like me. I would 'switch places' with her sometimes, and travel with her gypsy family, and she would stay home and put up with my family's BS--which I imagined much worse than living in a caravan of swarthy, often frightening-looking people. Yep... weird kid.
6). I have chronic insomnia. Despite having a job that starts at 7:30 AM (with an hour commute), I am rarely asleep before 1 AM. So I am often grumpy and sleep-deprived. But anyone who follows this blog has already figured that out.
7). My favourite activity on this planet is to lie down on the sofa with a floofy blanket, a cup of tea, with my dogs and cat piled up on me like remoras on a Cetacean. Add a book & classical music to that quotient, a good movie or a Jane Austen, Star Trek or Whedon marathon, and I am in heaven.

I now pass this award onto (not in any particular order):
1). The Lady of Portland House.
- One of the loveliest members of the ORS, and an inspiration in the world of hand-sewn costumes of great historic accuracy, the Lady of Portland House's blog is a wonderful resource for anyone who takes interest in early Regency and Georgian costume. The Lady takes tremendous pains in making sure that all her costuming work is as accurate as possible to the historic version of the garment and she hand-stitches everything (I know, seriously! She's crazy... good crazy though). Her costumes are always absolutely beautiful, her hair pieces and hats are divine. Anyone who loves costuming would enjoy this blog.  It is costume porn at its best.

2).World of Higlet's "Last Geek Bus Home".
- Yes, I've crossed the spectrum here to embrace the other geeky things I like, and this site always keeps me on top of the geeky goings on in entertainment and more. A fellow Whedon addict, this blog is a delight for anyone who loves fantasy, sci-fi and anything Whedon. Enjoy!

3). Around Britain with a Paunch (and sometimes around other places in Europe)
- I don't get back to Europe much these days. It's a bummer. But I do follow this blog and I LOVE it. It's a dining diary that will have your mouth watering.

4). Clothes closet of a 21st century Empress
-More ridiculous wonderful costume porn.

5). Just Beautiful Things
- Just because it is what it claims to be; a blog of beautiful, wonderful things.

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