Sunday, February 20, 2011

Under the knife... again.

Yeah, I've been pretty quiet in blogsville lately. Mostly because I've been stressed out a bit with work and such. I've also been doing a number of tests and such in preparation for the surgery I had on Friday.  I am currently horizontal on the sofa, with my laptop balanced on my chest. Dogs are wedged at my side... nobody dares approach my abdomen, where I feel like I've gotten multiple gunshot wounds.  I'm on Percocet, which puts me to sleep.  Surgery was a search and destroy mission to remove scar-tissue, a dye test to see if my fallopian tubes were open, and a biopsy of my cervix... I had some abnormal cells detected recently.  So I'm pretty grumped out.

I've been sleeping most of the weekend, and walk around hunched over like an old woman. It isn't as terrible as it was last time, when the doctor sliced me open completely. I had a laparoscopy this time. But it's still hideous-painful and I'm completely useless. I'm trying to work on editing a book for someone and working on one of my own books while I'm down ... but I keep drifting off, and sometimes the pain makes it too hard to concentrate on reading.  I have some better moments, but they're up and down.

My birthday is coming up.  Dan got me the most beautiful cover for my nook by a company named "Oberon".  This is the design he got me:

I got my present early, obviously. Probably because it was the night before my surgery and I had seen the box. But my hubby is really bad at keeping secrets; but that's okay. :) He scored twice this year with presents, and I love that about him.  He has really been amazing these past few days. He has cooked, provided me medicine, helped me get around, doted and been attentive.  I totally broke down the other night (probably because of medication) but I realized that the's the only person in my life who is there for me like that.  I love him so much.

Last weekend, I was sick, and he told me on Saturday that I should not bother planning anything for dinner and that I should be ready to go out at six thirty.  Now this is huge, because my hubby is really bad at keeping secrets. He always has been. When there's a surprise in store, he just cannot keep it inside.  He proposed to me in the parking lot at my old job because he couldn't wait until dinner to do it.  That's how terrible he is at it. But he had me totally bamboozled last Saturday. He did it early because he knew the surgery would make celebrating the weekend closest to my birthday impossible.

He arranged to meet a bunch of friends at a restaurant called Benihana's. I've never been, and it was a fun place ... but what made it great was that he went around on FB and invited some of my friends.  It was cute and stealthy and sweet. It's the first complete surprise party I've ever had.  Steph II was there of course, what would life be without a BFF nearby?  ::sighs:: It was fun.  The funny part is, I told him about a place that does Habachi food before, and he'd planned this party around that discussion, but a week before, he was off work early enough to meet me for dinner and I suggested the local habachi place (Fuji's) and we went there.  He was having an internal steam because we did that and he'd arranged a whole party for that weekend doing the same thing! LOL.

Yeah... it was fun.  I was a bit sick, and dizzy, but I still managed to have the best laugh I'd had in months, thanks to my hubby and my BFF Stephie-II.  She's such a great friend.   I'm sorry if my writing isn't very coherent, I'm pretty sure it's erratic.  The medication is making me loopy.  Next week I have to get back on the horse--including getting back on Tag, poor guy, I've been neglecting him so badly.

Anyway... Since I'm laid up and grumpy and watching DVRed shows, I'm going to post a bunch of cute baby animal pictures just because it's just the thing a person needs to recover. Cuteness. :)

Baby bulldogs for all!
Ice-crusted cuteness

Baby otter needs to be mine. 
Cuteness overload
Adorable baby chickies

I want a baby pangolin!

The baby Belgian draft I want to steal.
Just to add one last off-the-charts-cute picture to
give you an cute-induced aneurysm...
Chat soon. Promise. ::urgh::


Christine H. said...

Speedy recovery to you and congrats on having married a great guy.

Our Heroine said...

I hope you feel better soon. Sounds like you're being taken care of very well :)


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