Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pleasant things... Not.

I have managed to claw my way through the lousiest weekend on record relaxation-wise. Even though I spent 90% of each day in the horizontal position, I was far from comfortable or happy by any means. In fact, this morning, I’m trying to leave the house and function on less than 3.5 hours of solid sleep last night. It was SO hard to drag myself out of bed.

It started when two of my coworkers came down with hideous colds. Because they wanted to be heroes (I’m just a bit bitter about it), they decided to be the ‘I’m on my deathbed but I’m going to work anyway!’ people—bringing with them their seething disease. So inevitably, no matter how much Purell and hand-washing and hiding from the snogs, sneezes, coughs and snot-rags, no thanks to my over-achiever co-workers (love them, but still wanna kill them) I got sick last week. Probably the worst case of sinusitis and coughing I’ve had in a long time. It started as just a minor sinus issue, and then as the week wore on, I remained in steady denial as the pressure and pain and grossness of my sinus escalated, until the evening of Thursday, when I had to stay late to give training, and I could barely speak to the class and started feeling dizzy and nauseous.

I drove home seeing little fuzzy swirls, and spent the whole night choking on the effluvia of my infected sinus. I know, gross right? So Friday, I ended up taking a sick-day, and spent the whole day in abject misery, snorting and blowing my nose, taking over-the-counter drugs, piling up the Kleenex into germ pyramids, coughing and being all around grumpy and miserable. And the rest of the weekend was an exercise in disgustingness; my throat raw from coughing, nights of choking on the aspirated loveliness of my sinuses, getting no more than two or three hours of sleep at best, and spending the daytime being miserable and exhausted, dozing in and out of sleep. Saturday night into Sunday was probably the worst, and I ended up staying home Monday because I got zero sleep, and was still hideous all of Monday. I’m fine when I’m vertical (in so much as not coughing and choking as much) but I am still a smidge dizzy when I'm up and about, but as soon as I lie down, the party begins. I’m SO tired!

I did not leave the house at all from Friday to today. Sunday night, I went on this ‘all you can eat-a-thon’ and pigged out on pickles and anything else I could get my hands on. Poor hubby has oddly not come down with anything. Probably because he was smart enough to keep a safe distance. But he did take very good care of me—but he was careful to spend most of the weekend outdoors digging post-holes rather than hang out with me and my green cloud of infectiousness. I hope I make it through this day... I’m so tired. ::yawn:: I am also hoping that tonight will be a night free of waking up every thirty minutes in a coughing fit. I am so done with this.

I know it's not *really* a Monday, but it feels like one. Blargh.

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Our Heroine said...

So sorry to hear you're sick :( Not being able to sleep is awful--what else is there to do when sick? Hope you feel better tonight!

I too hate those people who get everyone sick.


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