Friday, September 23, 2011

I am so happy this week is OVER. Happy Friday!

Office Special "A love letter and a rose."
It's been a stressful week to say the least. It began with an agency inspection of our largest Oregon facility by the Oregon DEQ with someone from the EPA along as well.  On top of that, we had a few other crises to throw into the mix, and right now I just want to curl up into a ball and sleep for a week.  I got nothing done of my routine stuff at work because of all these distractions, and the month is ending and I have SO much to catch up. ::groan::

The sidesaddle, after careful fitting, is not the right width for Tag. Bummer. But the bright side is, I put it on eBay and it sold in less than 12 hours for about $250 more than what I was selling my dressage saddle for. SCORE! I will use extra for bills and some to put a deposit on a new model that can be found with XX-wide trees.  That's fine, because I have a few pounds more to lose before I ride sidesaddle in earnest.

Tag's foot is still somewhat lame, but getting better. I will see this weekend if he's improved. Silly horse.  I'm still stagnant at 27-29 lbs (depending on the day). This is the longest plateau I've had, and hubby is also stuck at a plateau.  We both think that we're getting too cavalier with the points calculation, and have decided to go strictly with the program again so we can start the weight loss again. Damn it!

We discovered a new treasure trove. I'm not sure if I mentioned it already, but I'm too lazy to check.  There's a sugar-free bakery in Clackamas just off HWY 205. Now, in my pre-weight-loss days, I'd have curled my lip at this place, imagining a wealth of bland, weird tasting sweets. But now, we are always looking for treats to make this 'lifestyle change' manageable.  We discovered that the sugar free bakery makes AMAZING eclairs and cream puffs and they're only 2 and 1 point each??!!!! Hello!  You need to check this place out: Just Delicious Bakery. They do mail order too.  So I have a box of bavarian cream puffs to look forward to after the commute home.

Happy weekend all. I'll be sewing. And sleeping.

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