Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday ramble, and an O.S.

Office Special - the first drawing in my new sketch book.
Autumn is coming. The hot nights have given way to breezes of crisp air sneaking through my still-open window at night. I love the smell of it. The land is replenishing itself from the first of the fall rains; the river has gotten just that bit louder. The leaves are starting to turn. It’s not quite over, but the signs are there that Summer is finished. Today, the sky is vivid blue. It’s the kind of day I want to be in the saddle, overlooking some amazing view, gazing out over my horse’s perked ears, feeling the sun on my skin, but refreshed by the cool air that’s blowing around me. It’s windy. It’s so beautiful.

Ignore the lame slideshow and just listen to the music. A Belgian composer
I forgot I loved but rediscovered by accident.

This is the time of year I miss most living in New Hampshire. It’s when the Indian Summer arrives with its colours and crackling leaves, where small towns have pumpkin festivals, and you can start wearing your pea coat again. Oregon hasn’t quite achieved the palette of a New England autumn, but it’s still a beautiful time here. It’s also a blessed time for us mountain-dwellers. It’s too cold for campers, except the most determined diehards, and yet not snowy enough for the hordes of skiers to come marching up the mountain. It’s the short, brief time when we get our touristy mountain towns mostly to ourselves.

October is a busy month. My husband’s birthday is on the 10th. Our anniversary is on the 16th, and my little brother’s birthday is on the 25th. There are also a couple of birthdays on hubby’s family’s side as well. His nephew Bryan gets a year taller. And grandma turns 87. Time marches on.

Sincere apologies for my foul mood yesterday. That sort of thing *really* makes me grumpy.  I really cannot stomach ill-will between people.  It sets me off.  Obviously.

I enjoy Halloween. I complain every year how I was cheated of it as a kid. Growing up in Belgium was great, but I missed out on some American traditions I wish I could have enjoyed. We never do much on Halloween. This year, we are thinking about going to a Halloween party at Edgefield, we shall see. It’s not like staying home is worth it, since we never get trick-or-treaters anyway.

I’m in a reflective mood lately. I’m still clinging to lingering hope, trying not to set myself up for more disappointment. I can’t help it. I had always planned a future with a child in it. It’s hard to picture it now without one. But nothing’s permanent. Nothing’s set in stone. Things could happen, who knows? Should I send the little things I’ve collected along the years to Goodwill? The set of Beatrix Potter books, the copies of the Velveteen rabbit? The little silverware set made specifically for a Victorian child, the bibs and bowls and cups my sister gave me once. The handmade wooden rattle? Should I just let it all go? I don’t know. The idea of letting go of those little material things feels like I’m letting go of hope. I’m not quite ready to do that yet.

It’s probably for the best anyway. We are living on a tightrope financially anyway; a child would make that all the more challenging.

I’m still stuck at 27-29 lbs. It’s so annoying. I’m hoping this plateau will shatter soon, and I’ll start losing again. Hubby is still stalled, but he’s lost a smidge this week.

The back. It has a lace insert.
The front yoke, has a lace insert too.
On the sewing front, I’ve finished a nightgown (except for the closure). It turned out better than I had hoped. I really didn't have a lot to reference, honestly, so this design is pretty much pulled out of my derriere.  But I need something to wander around in at night during the retreat, something comfortable and that looks somewhat the part. I've since added a little lace around the collar and around the 'waistline' with a ribbon woven in to tie it.   Here are some pictures of the yoke and back, before I attached the gathered gown itself... I took some photos of the completed gown with a better camera, but I forgot to get them off my husband’s camera. I’ll post them when I remember.

I’m working on a chemisette right now. I’ve been doing it all by draping on the most part. I discovered that when I consolidated my fabric stash, that I was pretty much covered, except for maybe a few yards of silk might be required for a ball gown. Not sure yet.

Someone love me, please?
This is Jesse. She is our pot-head/alcoholic neighbour’s daughter’s dog. She drives up here to stay with her father, and brings Jessie. Jessie spends all day left alone outside. She is fearful and she cowers and pees herself if you make a sudden move. She sees our happy little dogs, and she wants to be part of our family. She comes in our dog-door and stands at the glass door from the laundry room and pines to come in. Lately, she’s been spending her evenings with us. She goes ‘home’ at night. She is sweet and attention-starved. Just like with OC the Opportunistic Cat, we are being ‘adopted’. I’m not sure if she’ll ever end up being ours completely like the cat, but she’s welcome for whatever time she needs of us.

Have a nice weekend all. Check it out! An office special. I got a little sketch book that I carry around with me. That’s the first drawing in it.  It's not a great drawing, but what the hell. I'm amazed I could squeeze out something creative, honestly, with this dry-spell I've been in.


Summer said...

It's tough to have dreams that don't come true. I hope you can be a mother in some way :)

I really like the nightgown and look forward to pics of it finished.

Alyson (New England Living) said...

Lovely nightgown. I wish I had sewing skills. Many generations before me had it, but it stopped at me, I suppose. I admire that skill.

I'm sorry to hear about the troubles you've had with becoming a mother. I hope things turn out as you hope!

You are right, New Hampshire is beautiful this time of year. We've had a bit of color change, but still not near peak. It's crisp and bright and lovely right now!

Anonymous said...

Please don't give away the lovely items you described. Where there is life, there is hope.

I really enjoy your blog. Sally.


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