Thursday, April 30, 2015

Project 365; 101-120 (Almost a third of a year through)

101/365 - Some critter cuddles

102/365 - Architectural baking

103/365 - Don't cry over spilled hot pepper

104/365 - My life.

105/365 - Dishes unwashed

106/365 - Alex and I emptied out my piggy bank to
look at the many now-defunct coins in there. Lots from Belgium
and Holland. Some from the UK and Germany. My favourite
is still the beautiful silver one on the left centerish,
the 10-frank coin. So shiny. :)

107/365 - Grimm and popcorn

108/365 - Flying pie piled high.

109/365 - Spine

110/365 - Mohair

111/365 - Sleepy boo. I've been cheating a bit by using collage
apps to submit more than one pic per day. Sue me.

112/365 - A hat in the making

113/365 - Alex and Angus, waiting for
dad at the airport.

114/365 - Acorns & Thquos

115/365 - Big sky in Boring (yes, there is a Boring Oregon).

116/365 - Some trimmage

117/365 - Some unexpected lovely weather means more sky shots.
Gradations of blue.

118/365 - Photographic evidence that the front room was tidy. I needed it
because it wasn't long before it was a demolition zone again.

119/365 -  Alex got his first fish tank and we got fishies for it yesterday.
He is endlessly fascinated. Today, he tried to feed them a cracker.
He got two tetras and a guppy so far.

120/365 - Replanting my string-of-pearls
succulents. I got them in 2008. They needed
room, so I split them into two seashells. :)

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