Sunday, April 26, 2015

The finished test capote bonnet

Thoughts? I think it looks somewhat like the original. A few tweaks of the design and it'll be ready to put up as a pattern. The angled arm on the brim is broader on the original. And the back has a bigger area to tuck in the updo. But it is a start! Onto another test with some modifications. I will be bundling this pattern in with another bonnet pattern--and selling them on my blog page along with my other patterns.

I'm auctioning off the test-bonnet. It's not the best craftsmanship, it's a bit sloppy, so I'm making a starting bid of $25. You can bid HERE.


High Style said...

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Carol Kocian said...

Very cool! I wish I was close enough to the V&A to go see the original.
I wonder a few things about the original bonnet. I can see some ridges on that front double-L shaped piece, so I wonder if it has straw braid as the stiffener? Considering the miter at the bend I suspect it's a separate piece.
I see you went for an even number of braid strips, but I wonder if the original has an odd number, with one going up the center (like a cranial ridge)? My modern eye thinks the even number gives a more elegant look.
Does it look like the back is possibly gathered or on a drawstring?
I like your red piping.
Looking forward to seeing more of your process, and I may be trying this one myself!

Hungarican Chick said...

Hi Carol, thanks.

This was a test, so I haven't firmed up whether I want to do four or five wires. I think five is probably better because it creates a better frame to hold all the fabric and whatnot. I thought of making it a drawstring at the back, but it seemed to be too floppy, and the frame wires still need something to cling to. If you look at the prior post you can see how I constructed it. I'll have the pattern up for DL, for those who don't have the patience for experimentation. The bend/mitre at the end *could* be a separate piece, but the way I covered it, allowed for it to be articulated and separate from the body of the bonnet. Again, the previous post will clarify (I hope).

Aquazoo said...

This just turned up:
Not the greatest pic, but we do get it from a slightly different angle. It does look like the original has five braid strips.

The Hungarican Chick said...

Oh yes. This is lovely. It makes sense structurally to add five braces. It looks so light and pretty on the mannequin.


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