Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Don't look now, but he's walking this way.

Dierdre and Kate have been looking forward to the Oak Hall Ball through the whole winter. They'd ordered their trims and fabrics months before, and through the darkest days of winter they stitched and trimmed and fitted again and again by candlelight until their gowns were perfect for this very special event. Come Spring, they waited anxiously every day for the post, most eager to finally receive their elegant printed invitation from Oak Hall.

And here it is, the night of the ball, and as always, the great house is resplendent, and the guests glisten in their jewels and bright velvets and muslins and silks. The bright eyes of the lovely sisters search for the special someones who promised them a dance, perhaps even two this very night

And lo, there they are. Oh! Don't look now, Kate, but I think your beau is walking this way!

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