Friday, June 6, 2008

Stop! Thief!

Yesterday, I stopped to receive my requisite raping from OPEC and my debit card was declined. I'm confused, but I have enough to get gas on another card, and I drive home in puzzlement. I get home, and my husband is there. He asks me:

"Did you buy anything from Royal Farms in Baltimore, Maryland?"

I'm thinking: Oh, sure, I shop on the east coast every day. "No," I reply, my brow arched in further confusion. "I haven't shopped online in forever."

"What's Royal Farms?"

"I dunno. Google it."

It turns out Royal Farms is a convenience store/gas station from that area. He shows me our online banking statement and there are two payments for $100 made there, one the day before yesterday, one yesterday.

We call the bank's 800 number and shut off our cards. This morning, another payment of $100 was taken out, despite *my* being declined for fuel the night before; that I don't understand.

Husband took the day off to meet with a utility person (because our utilities are so flexible you have to take a whole day off so you can accomodate their unpredictable schedule. I think utilities should reimburse you for lost work-time... it's ridiculous). Anyway... he's going to deal with the bank today too. He'll let me know what our bank says. $300 loss is HUGE for us. I'll update when I know.

God only knows how our bank info was stolen. Be careful people... in this economy it can spell disaster.
Today's Pearls seems extremely appropriate: ::urgh::

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