Tuesday, June 10, 2008

We are most displeased.

I was in the mood for doing someone snooty today.

I'm always drawing sweet, humble, frantic little creatures; but who is it that my creatures are Kowtowing to then, I wondered? Who is it that summons them about, and demands they drop everything to accomodate her? Why it's Lady Anne Elizabeth Constance DeWarren~VanDeVelde~Beaufort, of course.

Lady Anne Elizabeth Constance reclines comfortably on her fine settée, and orders petit fours and Oolong tea, fresh scones with clotted cream, and she must have diverting companionship at all times. By diverting, that means quiet and deferential, always willing to support everything she says with enthusiasm, to proclaim her most clever and witty, and to acknowledge her superior nature.

You must always understand, if you are one of her chosen companions, that no matter what you do or say; it's likely that the Lady will always disapprove. It's her nature, and her obligation you see. It comes with her breeding.

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