Monday, October 27, 2008

One spooky night...

In the light of the moon they steal through the night,
A slinky black rat scurries on by.
A stealthy skunk sneaks among the brittle leaves,
and a big black raven rustles papery wings.
These creatures can only be up to terrible things!
For someone has carved a hideous grin
into an unsuspecting pumkin's thick ruddy skin.
Snap and hiss, what do we hear,
A match has been lit somewhere quite near.
A candle is lit. And what does the light show?
Three halloween friends cast in its glow.
I confess. I feel cheated. I never got to do halloween as a child. It wasn't practiced where I grew up. I had one or two occasions to dress up in costume, but I'd never gone trick-or-treating or thrown rolls of toilet paper all over someone's home. Sounds simply delightful.
I have a friend named Maryanne Piro who is quite proficient at Halloween Art. You can find her selling prints at the fair in Salem Massachusetts each fall. She's a wonderful lady with a pure soul; and her witches and pumpkins are a whimsical wonder to behold. If you're in Salem this Halloween, stop by her table and say hello for me.

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Lauren said...

I love your drawing :-) Too Cute.


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