Friday, October 17, 2008

A Tag from Lovely Lauren

I read the blog belonging to the ever-lovely Lauren; a creature I know from my Regency group. She and her husband are some of my favourite members of the ORS. Lauren is a lady of deep faith, profound goodness and immense beauty of presence and spirit and I absolutely adore her. Do visit her blog... she's an avid costumer (and not a cheater like me either, she hand-sews her work ((with help of course))). The way that she loves her dogs and other 'fur-babies' reveals so much about the kind of person she is. Anyway, enough gushing about Lauren... let's get on with the tag:

Write 6 random things about yourself

Okay then.

1) I speak four languages and grew up in Belgium.

2) I have slippers that look like bear-feet.

3) My favourite time is weekend mornings, waking up late, and being snuggled and greeted by two delighted, waggy-tailed dogs.

4) I was featured in a 'living-small' article in American Profile for my tiny house.

5) I write, review, edit and am looking to become a publisher of fantasy and children's books.

Edit: Apparently I don't know how to count. I see that it says 6 random things, and I realized I only posted 5. I'm such a doofus; here's number 6))

6) I am a sedum thief and collector. If you have sedum of a variety I don't have, I will steal a pinch of it on the sly.


Lauren said...

Blush... Thanks Steph. I just heard from the vet and Max's surgery went very well. I will be picking him up around 5:30.

storybeader said...

nice post - always great to know who you're writing to...


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