Tuesday, February 10, 2009

There are days…

There are days when even the signs of spring cannot lift your spirits.
When the antics of the squirrels and the downy woodpeckers cannot make you smile,
When a cheerful dusting of snow looks nothing but dreary.

There are days when the weight of your world seems crushing,
Where everything looks grey and mournful,
When the weeds are so much more noticeable than the tender sprouts of the spring bulbs.

Today is one of those days.


I’m grumpy.

Grumpy that I’m already through to Season 7 of the Star Trek the Next Generation Series… and it’ll be over soon and I want more.

Grumpy that I haven’t caught up with my laundry or tidying because I spent the weekend flitting about with friends instead of being responsible (although the friends bit was really nice).

Grumpy that I can’t think of what I want for lunch.

Grumpy because it's Tuesday. Not Wednesday, not Friday. Tuesday. YUCK!

Grumpy that my husband’s current stint is extending far beyond the original schedule and I miss him.

Grumpy that I can’t focus today.

Grumpy because my sinus is sore and icky.

Grumpy because it’s raining and snowing and gross and wet.

Grumpy because all I can look forward to today is the hour-long commute home among really selfish and stupid drivers.

Grumpy because I’d rather be at home sipping some fragrant tea, snuggled under my knitted blanket on the sofa with the dogs, enjoying the warmth of the stove and the dulcet tones of Judge Judy as she rips someone a new one (I love Judge Judy… Have I mentioned that before? ) I want a do-nothing-day, where nobody calls me, nobody bothers me, and I can putter around, do occasional projects but accomplish little. That’s the only cure for a day like this. Unfortunately, I have to be responsible and stay at work. So I’m grumpy about that too.

::grumble grumble grunt::

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