Thursday, February 12, 2009

I love Simply Swank!

No other craft kit has ever been more fun to play with (and dangerous and destructive--when in my hands) than the Simply Swank starter kit. Once I used up what they had in the kit, I promptly went to Craft Mania and bought more.

I made my little ornament with a Simply Swank soldering kit, and I am sold on it. I print my drawings in high-res, teeny size, cut them out with care, and layer them in glass. SO MUCH FUN! I won't mention that I burned myself and burned hole in my fleece pajamas with solder and that I dropped the soldering iron on the dining room floor and melted the carpet pile. ::::grin::::: But I will say that I've been having a lot of fun making my ornaments, and I cannot wait to go and buy more glass and copper and solder to make more!

I made one with Mr. Corbeau, one with the Dearest Friends image and one with the Racoon Hug, yesterday too. I need to only buy more solder to finish one. I'll post pics of the ones I completed tonight.

I recommend this kit to anyone who is adventurous in crafting; you can make cool pennants, bracelet links, ornaments, anything you want with this kit! It's easy too. Like painting with metal.

Try it. You will become addicted like me.

PS, this post was inspired entirely by my own enthusiasm for making little ornaments. Nobody paid me to say this. I'm just so excited about it I had to rave.

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