Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Christmas Flashback

My sister forwarded me some pictures she took during the Snow-tastic week before Christmas, and I am so shocked it's March already! I am going to whine and say that I am glad February is done and overwith. I despise my birthday month, and this year, my birthday was the worst ever on record and I want to forget it ever happened. /whining.

What a winter. ::phew:: We still got a teensy bit a snow last week, but nothing like Christmas. That's a 40-year record for Portland alone... Even my Jeepy Jeep fell victim to the heavy snow because it was so high, the Jeeps high-centered on it. Wow.

I've been busying myself trying to get back into the Oregon Regency Society saddle and organizing some events, and also repairing a defective bonnet for a customer. I have a gown to sew for two people plus I want a new day-gown and I need to finish my new corset, and I don't even know where to begin. My sister is still storing her stuff in the teeny tiny room I use to do my crafts, so there's no room for anything, to cut or sew, because all my other crafts are cluttering up the dining room table--soldering, drawing, bonnet-making... It's horrible. And I'm also considering trying my hand at Belgian bobbin-lacemaking again, but I don't have room for a stand and pillow. :( It's standing in the way of my craftmaking!! ARGH!

I wish she'd come and get her stuff; she has a huge historic home in Florida, with lots of space, we have our very tiny house with limited storage. Sisters are a pain. However... I shouldn't grumble too much; she did after all gift me my much-coveted pasta making attachment for my beloved kitchenaid, and I made lasagne and linguini wheat noodles on Saturday and they are NUMMYLICIOUS! Making pasta is oddly relaxing and fulfilling. I kept folding and rolling, and coming out with these beautiful, neat-edged strips. Happy and tender pasta! Mmm.

We have closed on our refinance (HIP-HIP-HOORAH!) and we now have a decent FIXED rate mortgage at last. I'm so relieved. We also did our taxes on Monday, and are getting a neat little refund, so I'm hoping we'll be able to get the garage done for the husband. I'm happy we got these things done. My company is in layoff mode, and who knows? It's better to be safe than sorry. Having a fixed mortgage is one less worry.

Hubby has been home for about a week and a half. He took training all last week and has taken this week off completely. It was extremely difficult to drag myself out of bed yesterday and today when he was in there all snuggled down in fluffy blankets with the hounds. ::grrr:: He won't be home much longer. :( It's nice to have him here.

Today is a blindingly beautiful day in the Portland area. Sunny, blue sky... It's like Spring. Makes me restless. Nothing much more to say. I'm working on illustrations for the next installment of the Maggie's Pastry Caper... I have two images inked but havent' coloured them yet. I'll get there. ;) I think when I finish it, I might bind it up into a booklet and sell it on etsy. We'll see.

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Lauren said...

Those pictures are lovely. I love the snow piled on the bird feeder. And you pup is too darling. Have a great rest of your week, it's almost half over! Talk soon :-D


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