Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday Sushi Solace…

I, like a certain orange, lasagna-loving feline much popular in the eighties, despise Mondays. I despise Mondays-Post-Daylight-Savings-Time-Sundays even more. I have sleep issues. Ever since I was a little girl, I can recall having night-owl tendencies; occasionally staying up all night, and sleeping all day. I am nocturnal. I am most creative between midnight and 3:00AM. So functioning in a normal 9-5 world has always been and will always be a challenge for me.

I don’t sleep much during the week. I have a hard time drifting off, so I usually am finally in a nice restful state of sleep by oh, 12:30, 1:00ish on any given night. Very occasionally, I’ll fall asleep before 11:00, but that’s pretty rare; and if I’ve had a really busy weekend where I haven’t had a chance to repay the sleep debt, I will on the most rare occasion, totally conk out at 9PM, but that is exceptionally infrequent. Most of the time, at 11:30 PM, I am lying in bed on my side, staring at the clock, or reading to just set my brain on cruise-control, or just lying in the dark, eyes closed, ruminating about the things that weigh on my daily life. Some nights, I’ll do those things until the wee hours, sometimes as late as 2:30 or 3:00 AM before I finally fall asleep; and then my alarm goes off at 5:25 AM. After a series of snoozes, I’ll finally drag my butt out of bed. When Hubby is home, I can slap snooze a few more times, because he’s a natural morning person (blergh) and does all the things like taking care of the dogs’ breakfast and morning pee. So Hubby's presence provides me that extra 15 minutes that makes a nice difference.

Then I spend the day with lead-weighted eyelids, and being grumpy and clutching a cup of black tea until 2PM. Some nights I have to drive with an open window even when it’s raining because the hum of the engine and the warmth of my Jeep can often make me super-drowsy; which is not good on an hour-long commute.

Come the weekend, it’s like catch-up time. I sleep, if not woken, until 10 or 11, I know that’s terrible, but I’m always so damned tired when Friday is here (hence the great celebration.. it’s the prospect of uninterrupted sleep).

So imagine how cheated I feel when Daylight savings time comes along and steals an hour of my precious weekend! That bastard!!! On top of that, it’s ugly and grey and it’s been ‘snaining’ most of the morning; so ew! So I am in massive-grumpy-mode today. So for lunch today, I decided to drown my sorrows in Sushi, and found the effects most gratifying and helpful.

Ahh beautiful sushi.

What’s funny is that I was at the counter taking pictures when the guys behind the counter came over to see what I was doing. One guy in particular asked if I wanted to take a picture of him, and I said no, and laughed, telling him I didn’t need a picture of a ham, I wanted pictures of sushi. He went away and then came back with this pretty roll, and said: “Want to take a picture of this?” How could I say no? So I took a picture of him too, with his pretty maki rolls. Those guys are so cute. I laughed, and therefore my day was improved. Thanks you big Hambone!

Anyway… Long Live Sushi, and Long Live Marinepolis SushiLand in Clackamas! Of course, I won’t think about the rice that will induce carb coma later on this afternoon. Let’s not worry about those things.

PS; now it is 'snain-hailing'. Oregon... if you don't like the weather; just wait a minute. ::sighs::.


storybeader said...

I'm a mornings person too, but THIS morning, my cell phone alarm woke me up... and I let it ring!

Lauren said...

I'm a morning person, usually. BUt I stayed up way too late last night. Glad you had a nice lunch to drown away sorrows. I guess that's why they call favorite foods comfort food.

elfkin said...

Kudos, fellow Sushi Girl! Do you think we should have our mercury levels checked? ;0


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