Friday, March 13, 2009

Maggie's Pastry Caper ~ Part 3 (& stuff)

Oh dear! Oh my!" Mrs. Chipmunk cried.
The cakes are gone! Where are the pies?

Maggie began to eat her loot.
She ate pies and tarts, and cakes to boot!

But then she didn't feel too well.
And took a nap for a spell.

So it's Friday. W00t!

I hope everyone had a lovely week. Hubby is off again for about a month. Things have been rough, I have to confess. These sorts of jobs obviously wear on relationships quite a bit. I am not looking forward to being alone again. I will have to drown myself in projects. Etsy projects, sewing gowns for Oregon Regency Society events, organizing events for the ORS... anything to keep the mind busy!

Here is a picture of my sister and I in Switzerland as kids. We were visiting our late uncle; who lived there--we drove there a lot during the winter to go skiing. He was killed most brutally in late 2000 in Hungary. He was never married, but from what I understand, we have a child-aged cousin out there somewhere that none of us know. :(

This is the same big sis is the one taking up my whole spare room with her stuff! She's also the one holding the massive baguette. We'd gone to the shop for a carton of milk, eggs and a some bread. My sister has her ski-tan already; the goggle area around her eyes is lighter than the rest of her face. ::har!::. My dad and his brother were really great skiers; and we all skied together when we had the chance. I miss that. ::sigh::

March 8 marked my father's 79th birthday. I find it difficult to speak to him sometimes. Just because he sounds so small and fragile and vulnerable. I miss him so much. He told me likewise and when the words came out of his mouth, I felt my heart constrict as if someone had gripped it in a fist. It took years for my father and I to develop a relationship. Now I cannot foster it being so far away. And I'm afraid one day soon, it will be too late. :(

Tell your parents you love them when you have the chance.

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Lauren said...

You and your sister look adoreable! I hope you have a great weekend sewing.


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