Monday, August 16, 2010

Taking Inventory

Found my knives, lost a few things. :0(

My mother is going into assisted living. It's the best possible thing.  There's a kind of strange irony that she will be going into the same facility we were going to place my father.  She will be in the same facility as my husband's grandmother.  Placing his grandmother there over the July 4th weekend has taken a huge weight off of his shoulders; and reduced the 20 calls a day to a couple of times a week.  She's occupied, she's supervised, she's still independent, and she's got more freedom.  I'm hoping that this will encourage my mother to do better as well.  She's actually stoked to go too.  She saw the little notices for special activities, like a cruise on the Portland Spirit, and a day visit to Timberline Lodge... she saw the adorable apartment, she saw the dining room and chitty chatted with a couple of residents.  She can bring her gross dog, and I can be assured that medicine will be taken, appointments will be attended and that I can pick the time and level of attention I am able to offer her without festering rage as usually happens. Tomorrow, I take her to visit my brother for the first time since June.  She only asked because my aunt asked her about it; otherwise she didn't care.

Anyway... that's the news of the mother front. You wouldn't believe the cost of these independent living communities; holy cannoli. But they do everything, so the price to all of us is reasonable. If they do her laundry, and even help her clean her house, so we don't ever have to worry about squalor repeating itself.

Well, on less depressing notes (LOL), I'm on cycle 2 of my Clomid treatments... cross your fingers, send positives vibes, prayers, good wishes... anything you can muster to send our way for baby-makin' mojo!

I sat down on Saturday, and opened up my teeny tea-box/minis storage, and started inventorying the teeny things in there. I'm missing a few stoneware pieces... a jug that you can see in the kitchen images on the previous post, and a few other unmentionables.  But I did find my precious knife-set. Hand-made, with real metal blades and wooden handles, intricately put together; six pieces.... unbelievable.  My stoneware is largely complete save for a few missing pieces, my silverware is there, my custom-made dining set for four that includes chargers, plate, salad plates, dessert plates, bowls, service dishes and a soup tureen. My ceramics from Alsace are there... the teeny handmade baskets.  There were lots of fimo veggies I made and other sundries; but the better part of my collection is there. ::phew:: you wouldn't believe how much money is in that little collection.  It's not a cheap hobby.  There are no cheap hobbies, I guess.  Now I'm thinking of doing another house.  I'm crazy.


Lauren said...

I'm glad your getting your mother situated. And happy thoughts and prayers in the baby department :-)

Sharon said...

Good thoughts coming your way. I hope we hear news of a baby really soon!


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