Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Weekends and work from HELL.

My mother behaved (as far as behaving works for a creature like her). She was manageable. Stephanie II and I were at a few points during the day, driven slightly batty by my mother's unsolicited advice and opinions as we tried to complete a sewing project. Steph II tried to persuade her to start an embroidery project or to do *something* rather than stand about rattling away non-stop... but her attempts failed, and mother drove us crazy instead. We did get one brief respite when she decided to take gross-dog outside for a little walk, and she stayed out there to pester both my husband and my soon-to-be-divorced brother-in-law who had come up to spend time with us. He spent an inordinate amount of time with Steph II (squee!)... AAaaaaaanyway... the weekend was hectic, but nice.

My somewhat weird weekend ended Monday with a Hazardous Waste Inspection at one of our smaller facilities from the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality. My coworker, who usually wrangles these inspectors was gone on vacation, and the task fell onto me. I cannot describe the anxiety of doing something wrong... but oddly, the facility they chose passed the inspection with no violations, and a positive note. My boss was complimentary of my efforts and so were the inspectors. It felt nice, but after almost six hours of straight adrenaline pumping through me, I felt like I'd been run over by a bus and went home to recharge. I don't like that kind of stress... at some point, I am going to vow never to endure stress like that again unless it is for ME, for my own company. Argh... I ate four pepcids on Monday. FOUR. Ugh.

Yesterday night, after work, Stephie II was up in the neighborhood again, and stopped by for a spell, and we walked out to the Sandy River to enjoy the golden hour. I lay down on a huge rock and hubby walked our dogs, we dipped our toes in the crisp glacial water, while watching in awe as Steph II waded across the still arm of the river to take picture of the rougher waters of the main river.

Well... I'm off to see my much-neglected horse. Work, blistering heat, and family have kept me from spending time with him. My big stompy horse may outweigh every other gelding in the barn, but apparently he's the lowest on the totem pole. My big marshmallow allows himself to be beaten to a pulp by other, smaller horses. This weekend we went and he had huge bites on him, one that was bleeding, and his newly trimmed feeties were cracked and frayed from running and fighting. What to do? I can't teach him horse-ninja moves... ::sigh::

My guardianship is going to go through soon for my brother, and I have an appointment tomorrow with Social Security because of him. Now we're working to get mom's house sold, get her moved into assisted care so I can have my life back, and to get John permanently placed in his foster home and into some daytime activities and programs. Maybe at some point, things will normalize a bit. I'm already feeling that is is... I'm not quite so freaked out as I have been these last months. Hubby has found a new job (although it pays almost 20% less than his job with Vestas and our finances are scary), and things at work are slowly getting in order. Anyway, no more Debbie Downer talk today.

The Office Special I made during lunch. It's called "A stroll with Grandfather". I never had a grandfather... but when I do imagine having one, I think of him in a banyan and slippers. ;)


An attempt at life... said...

Double Squee!

Lauren said...

Glad things are getting better :-)

Roban Studio said...

Hi Hungarican Chick,
Fellow Hungarican here to say I love your art of grandpa. I never had grandfathers either. Glad to hear things are getting back to normal. Hang in there, this too shall pass.

Sharon said...

I'm glad things are beginning to get better for you. I love your walk with grandfather. I never had a grandfather either and I really miss that. The only grandparent I had was my dad's mom and she was so occupied with her other grandchildren that I missed out on alot of time with her. But, part of that was because of my mother, I'm sure. Somehow, we I just never got to go visit my grandmother very much. I'm glad things are beginning to settle down for you now.


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