Thursday, April 2, 2009

Duck Season.

"I say, this water looks rather cloudy. They've certainly slipped in their standard of service around here."
It's Duck Drama time again.

We have our first duck visitors this Spring; right now they are in quiet couple-mode. The violent bouts of duck-rape have yet to begin; and then we will wait for the mothers to arrive with their little broods sooner or later. It's a tender and yet bittersweet cycle we see here at the Environmental Department every year.

We spotted a mallard yesterday, but they never approached. So I put out some food and the requisite blue-bucket, which I filled with clean water. The ducks passed it up yesterday, but this morning, I noticed that the water in the bucket was turbid. A sign that ducks, the dirty little buggers, had come by.

Now, only ten minutes ago, this young couple arrived. I can tell they're young and new because they're extremely shy. Our regular visitors usually march right up to the front of the building and quack at my co-worker to let her know they're here and they want food.

"Do they actually expect us to eat this stuff right off the ground?"

You can also tell by how... pure the colours are on the male. He looks like a decoy he's so perfect; down to the tidy little curl on his tail. He's stunning; his emerald neck is flawless. She's also 'tender' looking; her feathers are unfrayed and perfect. Our older, familiar pairs of prior years looked more worn around the edges. "Nike" hasn't been back this year--I hope he will. So familiar, like an old friend, with the white 'swoosh' on his head.
They really are stunning creatures. He looks like a walking watercolour.
This young couple is very wary. They see me in the window and they're watching my every move, stepping back when I reach my hands towards the glass to take the picture. I hope they will relax enough to be like Nike and his wife; to come up to the door and demand their breakfast.

"Perhaps tomorrow they'll see fit to clean this place up. We'll come back then."

Little things make life interesting. Little things like yearly visits by waterfowl; taking care of them, watching them care for their little swarm of lemon-shaped fuzzballs.

Nothing better.

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Lauren said...

They're so pretty. I love ducks. I'm excited to see you tomorrow, it's been so long...


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