Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The veil is parting...

It seems like the past few days have brought me a sense of peace and clarity. That weird, surreal veil that made me feel so detached and separated from reality is slowly blowing away, and leaving me something akin to normal. Luckily, I'm practiced at being alone; so the prospect of being so isn't quite so scary as it would normally be. I'm starting to creep back into my life, and to catch up on the etsy orders and the creativity that came to a screeching halt when things came to a head.

I've got my dogs to keep me going. And the job of course. And the discovery of frienships I really didn't realize I had. The wagons have circled, and even my dysfunction-junction of a family has been there for me. If there's any benefit to this craziness, it's finding out who your friends are.

Last weekend, I attended the Spring Debut Ball put together by my Number One, Thea Peck who is the fire behind the Eugene Chapter of the Oregon Regency Society. It's the first event where I actually had time to dance more than one or two dances. I overdid it actually. I went down after work on Friday and stayed at one of the loveliest B&Bs I've ever been to. The C'est La Vie Bed and Breakfast was really and truly amazing. Owned by a tiny Parisian lady named Anne Marie and her husband Jack, the house is BEAUTIFUL.

Fully restored, and done so with flawless care, this old victorian is hunkered in lovely neighborhood in Eugene, nested in a three-season garden that made me drool. Her eye for decor is incredible, and I was delighted to be around a francophone, so I spent the weekend tittering away in French; which was so nice after so little opportunity to use the language. I'm thinking because she was French, that she tends to attract French-speaking patrons because almost every guest that attended the B&B during the weekend spoke French at some level or other. Jack had the kindest eyes I've ever seen in a human being, and is the garden-master... He has a little railroad set up in one of the beds, and has spent hours and hours creating a tiny garden scaled for his miniatures. Anne Marie reminded me of some of the best aspects of my childhood. I didn't want to leave. It was like family.

I stayed in the "Gaugin" room; and enjoyed their wonderful breakfasts (an oatmeal soufflé that was to DIE for... Mmmmm...).

The ball was amazing; I am so proud of Thea. She did a lovely job and she keeps the vision of the ORS alive in everything she does. We all had such a lovely time.

Anyway... I drew something today. A trio of aloof rabbits. For some reason, I always draw rabbits as aloof and superior. Don't know why. I just see rabbits like that I suppose. I'm not a huge bunny-person. They're cute and all, but since I grew up in Europe, I sort of see them like chickens. As food. I know that's terrible, but it is what it is. It's hard to personify something you may want to eat.... in wine-sauce.


See? Even my irreverent and weird sense of humour is slowly returning; even though it is a bit dark right now.

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Lauren said...

It was a spectacular event! I'm glad to see some normalcy coming back.


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