Friday, April 17, 2009

Oh Happy Oceany Friday!

First I have to start my Happy Friday post by talking about one of our favourite places in our area. We went there on Wednesday night for dinner, and I really love the place. It's called the Skyway Bar and Grill, and it's a really great stop to take on your way up to Mt. Hood. It's between Zig Zag and Rhododendron; and it is a hidden treasure. The food is really some of the best on Mt. Hood, even though it's 'bar-food'... trust me. The best.

They make EVERYTHING from scratch, they even cure their own bacon and their mac-n-cheese (which my husband and I dub 'Crack-n-Cheese') is so $%&*! good, you will fantasize about it forevermore. They use local ingredients as much as they possibly can--which means when you get smoked salmon, it's freshly smoked salmon... the burgers... ::shiver:: Mmm.... Really, you MUST eat there when you go up to Hood. It's a really eclectic place too; brick-a-bracked together from salvaged items; lots of stained glass from churches and even large steel boiler doors from an old Portland building, which is used to frame their fireplace. They have live music a lot; and in wintertime, it's really great to come in and sit in the fireplace area, drink some locally brewed suds and mac out on the AMAZING food. Trust me.... if you have a chance, go to the Skyway. That's the end of my Skyway Rave.

Anyway... guess what...? It's FRIDAY! FREAKIN' SWEET! Husband and I have opted to skip out of work early today (we have the dogs waiting at Linwood Animal Clinic -- they are staying there in day-care until I get out of work). I will pick them up and go and get hubby, and from there, we're jumping over the Willamette, and heading coastwards. One of our favourite places to go (and we haven't gone to in over a year) is Astoria and Long Beach. We stay at this place called "the Breakers" which is a weird rental condoey sort of place. What we like about it is that 1) it's close to the water and 2) it allows canines. So all four of us are taking off for a weekend of windy, cool, off-season, sandy-pawed, seabird-chasing, sedum thieving, seafoody goodness. ::two thumbs up with a cheesy car-dealer grin::

I'm cheerful, decidedly. I am posting an office-special I did (I'm really into the reclining thing I guess... Much like my aloof rabbits of a prior post, Miss Melinda is reposing, sharing a wry smile, holding a rose; a gift perhaps? From a secret admirer? It's a mystery.

It started out super-rainy today, but has cleared up. The animals are out in force; crows collecting soft things for their nests, squirrels out and about (little Chippy McDorable has not returned :( since my post...) and the demanding Canard couple is back today, and have been ever day, showing great dismay if the buffet isn't set up for them when they arrive.

Here is another desktop pic, (new flatscreen monitor... Score..) what delights me most is the inexpensive mini-rose I got at Trader Joe's yesterday. So cute!

Here is some gratiuitous cuteness to carry you through the weekend. Teeny baby otters. SQUEEEEEE!!!!!

Happy Friday all. :)


storybeader said...

golly! those are truly otters?
Sounds like a great weekend with the hubby and doggies. Have fun on the beach!

Lauren said...

That's so cool! One of my clients owns the Skyway Bar. She gave me their card and said I had to visit it someday. I think I might just have to try it out. Have fun this weekend.

elfkin said...

Thinking of you!

A Day In the Life . . . said...

Okay, where did you find the Jane doll? And is she a bobble-head? I've always wanted a bobble head Jane, but just a doll would do!


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