Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Teeny tiny visitor

Yes, as you might have guessed, I'm slightly enamoured by the smaller forms of wildlife around me. Especially in the category of rodentia. I don't know why. If it's small, and furry and cute... Then I will probably adore it. I even like rats and mice. I think they're adorable. So imagine what happens when I glance out my office window and see this:

Please take note how teeny he is against the tire of the car. He'd probably fit in an Easter egg. Mind you, this is very unusual for this area... little chippers usually don't visit our little sanctuary here at the Environmental House. My co-worker is pretty adamant that I brought him down in my Jeep somehow, but I am still doubtful... I figure maybe he came from the creek area. I dunno. We think he's either a Yellow-Pine chimunk or a Least chipmunk. He's really small, WAY smaller than the Townsends Chipmunks that hulk around our house near the mountain. He's really bold, flicking his tail at birds even though he's just a tiny speck. He likes to climb around the undercarriage of my Jeep; which is why my co-worker thinks he came here by way of that very car

What I do know is that HE IS FREAKIN' ADORABLE OMG OMG I WANT ONE ALL MY OWN! My husband noted that he looked awfully cute sitting up like a groundhog. He spent most of Friday puttering around the squirrel feeder, ducking in to grab a sunflower seed here and there. I haven't seen him today (I took yesterday off). Anyway.... I simply had to share pictures of Mr. Chippy McDorable. I was so delighted to see him there. Simple things just float my boat.. especially tiny furry things with little people-hands. Call me silly, it's okay. ;) I just think these little guys are tiny miracles... little hearts beating, little lungs breathing, surviving against giant, stomping, chomping odds... There's something exceptional in every one of them (well, maybe not rats and mice, since they tend to have little trouble spreading and surviving anywhere). Anyway... that's my rave today.

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