Friday, April 24, 2009

Whadya know? It's Friday again.

The dogs are attempting to fell my husband by pulling on the hem of his jeans.

Yes, can you believe it? I didn't post anything ALL week. How bizarre for me... to avoid an opporunity to blather on about this and that and to post my weird little drawings.

We had a good time at the beach. The dogs seemed to really enjoy it; and spent a good part of it dashing around on the sand, rolling on the pecked-clean carcasses of dungeoness crabs, and digging random holes here and there. They also had fun chasing and attempting to fell my husband like some hapless hoofed prey on the African Savannah.

We stayed at the Breakers at Long Beach, Washington. We stay there a lot because they allow dogs. It's always a gamble though, as to what level of quality you're going to get when it comes to rooms. Some rooms are outright horrid and the beds are like slabs of stone; the pillows can be like the ones you are given in airplanes, not much larger than a kotex (sorry to be crude... not).

This time we did okay; a niceish condo with a fireplace on the ground floor; which invariably caused lots of barking because anyone who sauntered by would equal horrific threat to our vigilant hounds. The condo had the requisite ocean-themed chochkes, and the kitchen had the chicken prints and such. It was decorated by Miss Generica of Genericville, but at least it was pleasant. It's within walking distance of the beach, and we spent a lot of time out there with the hounds. My husband found one of those tennis-ball lobbers and that tired Simon out completely, which is a rare, rare thing.

Of course, as expected of our friend Murphy, the best weather was on the day we left. Heh. We dropped mucho $$$ on restaurants. The prices were horrific. My favourite part of the trip was our little drive through Oysterville... something you cannot miss if you like charming old towns and a nice fresh oyster-shot before lunch. MMmmmm. I was also able to pinch off some sedums from the public gardens as I always do each time we go. We did not go to Astoria though. :( I love Astoria. I will live there someday in an old victorian on the hill.

Well, I'm off home for the weekend. I'll catch up soon.


Lauren said...

I'm glad you had a nice time :-)

elfkin said...

nothing is so rejuvenating as a weekend by the sea :)

storybeader said...

Oysterville? Hope you had oysters for lunch! Got to remember to stop there - the next time I'm in Washington!


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