Thursday, March 10, 2011

Casting off the Dassenplank

The Dassenplank has been freed from its knitted burden! How'd she do it?
I have graced the world with another of my wooooonderful videos (okay, slightly sarcastic here).  It only took me three months to knit together five small skeins of yarn into a rectangle.  The type of yarn I bought has apparently been discontinued, so going back to get more of the same type is no longer an option. But I decided to finish it anyway... it would have taken less than two or three hours of total knitting time if I didn't put the project down after two courses of knitting for weeks at a time.  But, finally, I knitted up the five yarn skeins and it's time to cast off.

I know, my voice is soft, but since the project is cast-off, I can't go back, undo it, put the loops back on the pegs and start again, so sorry. Just up your volume as best you can I guess.  It's probably for the best, because as usual, I just can't shut up.

The video shows the finishing course of the knitting, the casting off process and the final tying off of the yarn to finish.  As I said in the video, I have this rectangle of knitted stuff just sitting here... no idea what the heck I'm going to do with it, so if you have project suggestions, please feel free to comment.  I'm thinking an eclectic looking laptop case?  A tote? Pillows are overdone and with my dogs it will look like my knit blanket, with pulls scattered on it and dog-hair all over it.

I am also going to repost the dimensions and the yarn looping guide that I added to the last Dassenplank post just in case. :)

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