Monday, March 14, 2011

Icky Monday Office Special.

It took me quite a while to get this one finished, I confess.  I was distracted by actual work. :)
We had a 14.5 hour power outage this Sunday into Monday.  It isn't a Tsunami, 8.9 earthquake or possible nuclear (pronounced New-Clee-Ar NOT Nuke-you-lar god damnit!) meltdown, but it was a little windstorm that shut down our "Walking Dead" series marathon and making of popcorn.  We holed up and read books by the light of candles and LED flashlights.  We slept a restless night in the pitch black, and I awoke after my husband left to discover the power still out.  Just as I was about to leave the house, it came back on, and THANK GOODNESS I was there because El Hubbington, in his bad-night-of-sleepiness, left the bathroom sink cold water full-on-open, and the sink immediately filled up within moments and threatened to overflow (it drains very slowly). If I hadn't been there when the power came on, we'd have come home to an indoor pool.  ::phew:: Now to go home and take that hot shower I wanted to take last night. 

This is usually a riding night for me, but Tag gets a reprieve! He was worked very hard Saturday and was sweaty and bratty both.  But he did well, and earned himself a little pile of carrots.

Anyway, this is the first colour-pencil office special I've done in FOREVER. I started it at lunch, and then finished it only a few moments ago, adding it up here before I leave for home.  I'm into the mouse thing.  A lot.  For now.

I am hoping for a non-stressful week--despite the theft of a good hour of sleep out of my mornings... :::curses and shakes fist at Daylight Savings:::  It's birthday season, so that meants our weekends won't be ours for a few weeks.  Lots of stress and pressure in regards to the ORS too--the Eugene faction is poised to take over the management of the behemoth of a group; I'm a little worn by the thanklessness and the politics for now; you can't avoid it with groups, but hell if I'm going to keep doing something that has become quite un-fun lately.  It's hard to let go of my kid though, I confess; I trust the Eugene ladies to do it justice, but I'm afraid the Portland group will be neglected and the focus will go on less populous areas. :(  But I can't control everything. The chips will fall as they may.  It's time to set the baby free and watch it either walk or stumble.  Maybe I'll start enjoying sewing and hobbies again without this albatross of a thing tied to me in addition to the other stressors that life seems to be heaping on me.  I just hope my Portland group leaders will be supportive of this transition for my sake, and not fight the Eugene leadership too much.  ::sighs::

Anyway, I want to go home now.  G'night. :)

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Summer (Our Heroine) said...

They are adorable! I like all your drawings, thank you for sharing them :)


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