Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Papa. :)

Scary how much my brother looks like him.
He even has that crazy hair.

September of 2009; Lowell Massachusetts rehab.
He looked terrible. :(
Me on left, Helen on right.

We got him that shirt because we thought it was perfect for him.
My sisters; Anna on the left, Helen on the right. Same visit in '09.


2002 - Timberline Lodge. He was 72.

I post this one a lot. Papa in 1993 or 4... covered in dogs.
In Switzerland probably... Kinda hard to know which alp it was. :)
That's me clinging to his leg crying.
I'd say thi sis 1975ish.

Papa's in the back seat piloting. I'm with is friend in the front.
I have distinct memories of that flight. The sound of the tow-plane releasing us,
The sight of the earth beneath us, the sound of the wind holding us up.
And there he is now; in all three of us. 

Happy birthday daddy. You would be 81. We miss you so very much.

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garofit said...

He looks to have been a wonderful daddy. My heart goes out to you.


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