Friday, March 4, 2011

Sister's Hair Salon & Happy Friday. :)

Mother’s new sewing scissors caught the sisters’ eyes.
Instantly they thought of all the things that they could try.

An idea came about: “let’s play Sister’s Hair Salon!”
They both had lots of hair to experiment on!

Big sister took the shears and said “Okay, I’ll go first”
And into little sister’s curls, she was utterly immersed.

Snipping here and chopping there; locks fell to the floor.
She cut and trimmed and snipped and sheared until she could no more.

“All done!” big sister said with a great and happy smile.
“The cut looks good on you; it is totally your style!”

The mirror showed a hairstyle that wasn’t nice at all.
Her hair was shorn in choppy cuts and her bangs were really small.

Fighting back the tears, little sister turned around,
She reached for the scissors with a dark and threatening frown.

“Now it is my turn to cut,” she said with narrowed eyes.
“Well, I don’t want to play anymore,” big sister then replied.

“That’s not fair!” little sister cried, but big sister didn’t stay.
With flowing curls and perfect hair, big sister skipped away.

(This is a true story... we used to have hilarious photographic evidence... My eldest sister did this the middle sister).


Summer (Our Heroine) said...

:o Oh my! Bet those are/were some interesting photos ;)

Cowgirl Helen said...

True story. Pretty much told exactly as it happened. Thank you sister for keeping the truth in media! Middle sister.


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