Friday, March 25, 2011

An indecent proposal, bad office special & happy Friday!

I am not quite a coherent speaker am I?  "I have it in my pocket so I might as well give it to you..." ::Facepalm::  He had my ENGAGEMENT ring in his pocket... Gawds.  I'm such a dork. He was going to propose at dinner. FAIL on the communication Steph. :)

Yes, it's terrible. I confess... But it was hurried. :)
Happy Friday all.

On the update side: I am looking into having some dassenplanks made of fine hardwoods to sell in my etsy shop. I will be offering three sizes, small (1 foot wide) for scarves and such, Medium (2 feet wide, like mine) and large (3 feet long).


1 comment:

Fickle Cattle said...

Not horrible at all. It's actually really pretty.


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