Friday, May 1, 2009

Can she do it?

It's Friday; and Saturday week is the Oregon Regency Society's "Un peu de thé et des beaux arts" day (artfully organized by Mrs. Lauren of Lady of Portland House (it's so nice to have help!)--where we are to take tea at the Heathman Hotel followed by a tour of the Madame de Pompadour collection at the Portland Museum of Art. I had; at some point, resolved to make myself a whole new daytime costume for the event; for yes, we are to make a great spectacle and do all this in Regency Costume. I have no shame in that; I enjoy it immensely.

Anyway, I have been decidedly procrastinating as usual. And my plan for 1) a new daygown and 2) false sleeves and a chemisette 3) a new more 'mature' lace cap 4) a stovepipe bonnet for ME for a change and 4) a long spencer (which is a Regency coat of sorts)... must now be accomplished in ONE WEEK.

Can it be done? How many of these articles will I manage to complete for the excursion? One? Two? Zero?

Well, we shall see. It's Friday; Happy Friday. Let us see what I accomplish this weekend (if anything at all... I've noticed that my hobbies have taken a serious downturn since husband has returned....)

The image above bespeaks my confidence in myself. But I did go and drop$40 on some sale fabric for a spencer (again... I have some navy fabric I bought for one earlier on this year, but I'm not thrilled with the colour... I wanted something more 'earthy').... so we shall see.... I also bought some nice cotton and lace.

We shall see indeed. PS... My husband gave me a spare iPod shuffle he had to buy for some reason or other; far be it from me to own an Apple product... but I have to say I love it... mostly because I can listen to books while traipsing about. I am now re-'reading' Pride and Prejudice for the gazillionth time; downloaded for free from the Oregon library system. How divine. I never get tired of it (except the last two chapters... YAWN!)

I will keep you apprised of my success or failure on this lofty goal. I'm quite sure if I do succeed on any of the large items, they will not likely ahve hand-sewn linings--that's for sure. ::heh:: Wish me luck (or motivation at least... ::teehee::)

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Lauren said...

I'm super excited for the event!!! I'm trying to whip out a new frock coat for Aaron. I have the pattern drafted and cut. NO to stitch it together! Good luck on your project :-D


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