Sunday, May 10, 2009

Costumey Fun. YAY!

Yes, it's me... Here I am snapping a self-portrait while I'm still fresh; before the arduous Saturday drive down from Mount Hood to downtown Portland--and the hoofing about town that might make my curls frizz or my skin start to shine. I wanted to see what my cap and hat looked like in the bright light of day (our cottage is a bit of a cave sometimes). I'm still in my pajamas here, but who cares. ::snap:: Voila. The new bonnet, still slightly unfinished over my OLD cap (yes, I had NO time to make a new one as I had hoped... but the old one worked just as well, it seems.

As you can see, I 'finished' the spencer coat as I had hoped; well... enough to wear it to the Museum and Tea, but indeed it is unlined (which I am thankful for because it was seventy five degrees outside on Saturday), and when the clock struck midnight on Friday night and I wasn't finished, I decided a glue-gun would serve well enough to hem up a few raw edges, since I didn't have any thread of the same colour anyway... (great planning, Steph!)

All in all, I cannot complain too much. The spencer wore well, and nobody really noticed the pinched pleat in the back, or the lumpy collar. I lost my scarf first thing, it was light silk and it just blew off my shoulders without my ever knowing while I walked down to the Heathman Hotel.

And speaking of... WOW!! I walked into the Heathman Restaurant early, and saw the regular dining room and wasn't very impressed. And then I finally allowed my eyes to linger through a pair of slightly tinted glass doors into their 'tea court' and my jaw fell agape. STUNNING! fully paneled walls, lovely furniture, huge tableau canvases of traditional oils... GORGEOUS!! Oh, and the tea; it was heaven, each with our own pot of the tea of our choice, and the tiered trays of loveliness! We chatted for two hours, and then wandered up the two or so blocks to the Portland Museum to enjoy the exhibit of "La Volupté du Gout" which was a collection of art commissioned by Madame de Pompadour. Oh, the art was lovely; I confess, I do enjoy cherubs and creamy earth tones, however the company alone was worth the whole day. I do enjoy Miss Lauren and Aaron's company so! And not to mention all the others who joined us for this lovely spectacle we made. So there. That was my lovely Saturday.

Today, we went to see mothers and grandmothers, however we did stop on the way to see the new Star Trek movie. I must divulge to all of you that YES I am a geek, and YES I was looking forward to this new flick with delight, and guess what... IT WAS GREAT! I loved, loved, loved it. So well done, so well cast... I was really touched by the role played by Leonard Nimoy--it was like he was passing the torch onto the next generation, so to speak, with his happy approval. The Heroes guy that they cast to play Spock might as well have been built from scratch to take Mr. Nimoy's place... Clones. And Captain Pike... PERFECT! I was riveted and clinging to the edge of my seat the whole time, just trying to see every detail while pouring M&Ms down my pie-hole. I was so gratified by a movie for a change. Anyway, for all Trek fans or non-fans alike, I recommend this movie. Highly!

I have training ALL day tomorrow ::BAARF::. I' m trying to download some audio books so I can secretly listen to them while pretending to pay attention to the 'Charlie-Brown's Parents' Unending Drone. How awful am I? It's nice to have fluffy curls to hide earphones with. Hasta la later.


KeKe said...

That jacket is beutiful!!!!!

Lauren said...

Yes the evetwas lovel! We love your company too m'dear. We also saw Star Trek!!! Awesome! Except for the part where the fire alarm in the theatre went off three times, oy! Anywhoo, talk soon.

storybeader said...

looks and sounds like a bunch of fun! I don't know if I could wear that "costume" - it looks SO heavy. Glad you approved of Star Trek... I beat the big-screen was thrilling!

Anonymous said...

Glad that you enjoyed the Tea Court and all of the choices we had to offer. We now offer tea now year round. You all looked wonderful in your costumes; it was the talk amongst the staff. We look to see you soon.


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