Monday, May 18, 2009

Evil arrives on Mondays.

I am a crosspatch today, I must say. I don't know what my deal is, but I'm in one of my moods. I've already publicly humiliated a group of teenagers, sent really snide-sounding reminders to a couple of slow-responding people, made two really passive-aggressive remarks to my co-worker who is thankfully too much of a positive Pollyanna to realize it, yelled at two stupid geo-cachers who were thrashing around in the tall grass where our ducks nest, and I intentionally flattened a traffic cone, just because... and it's only half past two.

I don't take being cut in front of in line very nicely to begin with, but when I'm in a mood like this, being set loose with the public is probably a hazard. Four teens cut in front of me in the payment line at Sushi today, and I didn't grumble about it just to myself; no. I went off on them. I'd already built up a backlog of grumpiness having been forced to sit beside two twenty-something girls whose conversation was like a sucking hole of stupidity that with each iteration of 'like' I could actually feel my back hunch a little bit deeper and my fangs grow out a few milimeters. The line-cutting teens just stood there like a deer in headlights while I made a series of remarks about their shoddy upbringing in front of the whole bench of waiting people. They apologized meekly and slinked out, but then shot me their middle fingers and called me a bitch when they were in the security of a wide open public space. I blew them a kiss and drove off.

On days like this a zillion things will bug me. Typing errors, insincerity, all around stupidity. It's like my tolerance levels have been exceeded and I'm puffing steam like a kettle. It's probably good that I don't drink any more caffeine today, and try to center myself before I drive home, because if I don't I'll likely start veering towards texting drivers, accelerating towards slow-walking old people and flipping off Hummer drivers..

(I confess I do that last thing anyway just to be evil.. ::eep::)

It truly is a Monday in every way. ARGH!

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Lauren said...

It sure was a Monday :-( Sorry you had a such a rough day. No fun! I was just super duper exhausted. I need sleep. HOpe tomorrow is better.


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