Sunday, May 31, 2009

A weekend of colours.

I hate it that the weekend goes by so quickly. We had such a lovely weekend; even if we didn't really accomplish hardly any of the things we'd planned and instead took up other projects. Saturday morning we woke up for a belated breakfast, and then Hubby took off to take his grandma to the store--which is always a time-consuming thing. I spent 90% of that time outdoors, puttering around the garden with "His Illegal Self" playing in my iPod. I was nonplused by the book to be honest. I found it neither horrible nor really very intriguing. Either way, it kept my mind busy for the early afternoon while I mucked about outside.

Hubby returned at length, we ate dinner. I finished my half-started project of water-blasting the deck, and moved onto giving the windows a nice bath of vinegar, surfactant and water, and then flushing it all away with the power-washer. Of course, once washer fell into his hands; as it is with all boys and mechanical equipment, the whole house was cleaned of every cobweb or pine needle, the propane tank is now shining white again, the adirondacks took the next turn, and then the new log headboard we bought.

By the time the chairs were dryish, he decided to light a nice fire in the brazier (which he also powerwashed) and that's how we spent the rest of the evening... by the fire, talking, sitting in the worn, slightly rickety adirondacks. We came in at about 10:30 PM.

This morning I was roused early by Hubby, and when we walked outside to go to breakfast yet again, I saw the glorious morning light, and grabbed my camera to catch some shots of what's blooming in my garden. We are about 2 weeks behind the Willamette Valley and the Portland area due to our elevation, so it's like we get a prolongued Spring in some ways. I shot some of my favourite things...

The ferns have come back gangbusters this year, and they are unfurling as we speak. They are thick and leafy this year.

A peeping Jeep.

A flower basket of annuals my husband bought me a couple of weeks ago.

Flag lavender flowers are just beginning to bloom.

This is the first year my seathrift is actually blooming decently. They still look pretty skimpy though, plant-wise.

These are bleeding hearts; blurry but pretty. A variety I'd never seen before, and planted last year. I was delighted when they returned; because I'd forgotten I'd bought them.

One of my many columbines... So beautiful.

These are particularly pretty hostas

My Nootka Rose is blooming! How exciting. The first flower is kind of ugly... but let's hope the next ones come out as gorgeous as they did the first year. They're finally 'settling in'. What's the saying..
"The First Year They Sleep.
The Second Year They Creep.
The Third Year They Leap."

After I snapped all those photos, we hit the road for breakkie, and returned via the 'back way' and I hit the brake hard when I noticed a rather gangly, goofy looking bird on a felled log by the street. It was a Pileated Woodpecker. It's the first time I've ever seen one of these guys, and I was flabbergasted at the thing. It just hopped about the log, throwing bits of moss, paying no attention to us ooglers. Dan snapped a picture with his cell, it's bad.

He also shot a short movie, and just as he started it, the woodpecker made a vocalization. I was delighted! My reaction is on the movie and as dorky as a reaction can be:

This is what they look like in a decent picture:

We then went down into town to buy a new bed (downsizing to Queen from King for space purposes, but also upgrading to comfort as well.. ::Swoons::. The 14th we'll be sleeping better. YAY! We returned home after a quick stop to Home Depot; to my favourite section... PAINT. And the Adirondacks were given a new lease on life today. I decided on a whole new colour to give a punch to the greenery of the back yard.


Misty said...

I love the peeping Jeep photo. So coy!

Thanks for the comment over on my blog too. Let me know if you make the banana bread and how it turns out!

samantha said...

Ooh, I love the red!


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