Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Friday from the Corvid Clan.

So I went out the other day and bought myself a carton of whoppers malt balls which I've been noshing on here and there while working. Today, I discovered that I left the carton on the part of my desk where underneath is a little radiant heater, and my whoppers had melted into a single giant bucky-ball. Argh! No amount of smashing the carton will break this little cluster apart. I guess I'll have to tear open the carton and just eat it like a giant piece of fruit. ::Heh heh heh::

Looks kind of gross actually. Ew.

It's a glorious day today. I may come into work this Saturday if the notion appeals to me and do some work. It might afford me puttering about Portland too while I'm at it. I was thinking about going to Saturday Market but I think my husband would probably be grumpy that I went there without him. I have lots to do at home though. The house is a clutterfest. We are determined to 'trim' things down and declutter things when he gets home. I already Goodwilled two sacks of clothes I've finally resolved to get rid of. Next step; the 'guest room' which should be my crafting room. Right now it's chockablock full of my sister's things and my husband's winter-gear from work.

So maybe I'll spend some of the weekend doing some pre-sorting and setting up boxes for another little yard-sale this summer. I'm going to steal a shelf in the living room; pare it down to the bare essentials in books (donate the rest to Hoodland Library), cut down our DVD collection enough so that the series boxes can go into the cabinet below the television, and then take that shelf and put it in the craft room where I can store my fabrics and other notions where they are visible and easy to find. I also bought this nifty folding table at CostCo that folds from 5' x 30" to 3' x 30". Fits snugly behind the door; and now I can cut fabric without it slipping off our round dining table. YAY!

It's supposed to be GORGEOUS this weekend. I'm so tickled to see all my perennials coming back again much stronger this year. My Nootka roses are finally thriving, and I've spread my sedums out some more and added some pieces from stolen varieties from the coast and other undisclosed locations. I also restuffed the seat of my garden chair with new top-soil and added some abunda just for some colour this year.

The goofy band-tail pigeons are back this year; huge flocks of them. Anyway, that's enough rambling. I'm about to get ready to flee in a few. Have a lovely weekend all!


storybeader said...

yeah, it was great once the perennials kicked in! Don't ya love 'em?

I would love to get my hands on a guest bedroom - lucky you. Hear it thundering outside, and the winds have just picked up! Time to shut the windows!! Have a good weekend!

A Day In the Life . . . said...

What's "noshing" is that a Steph-ism?

I couldn't help but think and say that your chocolate cluster kinda looks like poop! Did you know that poop makes the world go 'round? Truly.

elfkin said...

you know, seeing your corvid clan puts me in mind of other lovely feathered creatures that might benefit from your regency themed coloured pencils--swans, sparrows, even peregrine falcons. Or couldnt you just imagine Prinnie as a plump patridge? heehee


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