Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Friday & project update

Yes, I am *still* trying to complete a few more garment pieces for tomorrow's event. I am halfway through making my long spencer coat... I have the bodice and collar made, and I still have to add sleeves and the bottom, but I'm fairly confident I can do that tonight ::crosses fingers:: barring any unforeseen interferences as it has been trending this week. I will not reveal to anyone except maybe Lauren that the item will be completely unlined and the edges tucked under like a bad hem-job (at least the bottom of the coat I think I can do on the selvage, so I don't have to worry about hemming that. ::urgh::.

I am HOPING to have a new cap made too, but I may have to wear my old wrinkly one. ::sighs:: I have such pretty eyelet-embroidered cotton to use for the new one. And a new day gown is totally not an option at this point. Grrrr. I also need to remember to toss my stockings, pantaloons and my petticoat into the wash tonight too.

It's been a long and rough week. I'm glad it's over. I can't seem to focus very well on anything, and I need to sit down and get all my ducks in a row one of these days.

Today's 'Office Special': Where is the little bird leading Mr. Otter? I have no idea. I started drawing Mr. Otter this lunch-break, and I wanted another 'character' in there for him to interact with, so I drew a bird on the handle of his cane, and the whole wing pointing thing just sort of organically became what it is. I like his monacle... sort of reminds me of Mr. Peanut. Maybe they're heading to the public house. Who knows, all I do know is that they're eager to get there. ;)

Happy Friday all.

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elfkin said...

I'm really loving this "gentlemen" series you seem to be developing. something about the cravats and high collars can make a girl all blushy and warm :)


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