Monday, May 4, 2009

Project progress... One item down.

So I can now rejoice in knowing I'll at least have a bonnet to wear on Saturday. Feast your eyes on my new lovely stovepipe bonnet. It's adorable, is it not? I made it from my pattern, using buckram and millinery wire to build the frame. It is covered in a lovely gold, scarlet and brown striped silk taffeta. I lined the 'pipe' inside with some leftover white cotton. I also added an assortment of tasteful feathers, including a nice floopy black ostrich feather, and capped the embellishment off with a pennant of a silver-coloured aspen leaf that I got in Denver last September. I layered the ribbons too. So pretty! I cranked this baby out on Sunday. Next project please!

At least if this week ends up being a disaster, I'll have this lovely bonnet to wear on Saturday to the Portland Art Museum. One piece down. I'd like to tackle the spencer next... I'm going to aim for making items I don't have at all first... I have gowns, so the new day gown is the last priority; as are the chemisette and false sleeves. I need a spencer and a hat, and at least a nice froofy, lacy cap with that Mrs. Bennet vibe. I also need to get white ribbon to adorn my parasol too. AND I need to dig up a reticule to carry a Regency lady's essentials; such as the keys to her Jeep, her iPod shuffle, her cell-phone and her credit-card of course. ;)

I watched "Lost in Austen" last night while stitching my buckram; and I have to say, I found it stupid. Sorry, but I did. It was so silly I could barely focus on it, frankly. It was a campy exercise in silliness, and the characters of the book were slaughtered by the screenwriter; all of the things they did were so contrary to their carefully wrought personalities--it was almost insulting. Poor Jane is probably spinning in her grave. I was deeply annoyed by it and could barely finish it, wishing over and over that it would soon end. I shall gladly slip it back into its red envelope and send it back to Netflix. That one gets only one star, and that's only because of Caroline's fantastic hats. The gowns were all quite frumpy looking too, but there were a few pieces that were worthy. All around, I recommend it only if you're want for a period-piece and you need some light entertainment; but frankly, I wasn't all that entertained. Hated it.


Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Fabulous bonnet! I really enjoyed viewing your blog and art! I absolutely love the regency period too. Thanks for coming to visit!

Have a wonderful day!

Lisa :)

elfkin said...

the bonnet is lovely, cant wait to see pictures of YOU wearing it :)

Lauren said...

Oooh! I love it! I can't wait to see you're costume. I won't tell a soul about the construction ;-) See you sson missy!


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