Thursday, March 10, 2011

Giggle and an Office Special

This is so adorable and hilarious, it bore posting.

I'm riding again. AT LAST!
I had a video of him, but it's on Facebook and the embed feature doesn't really work well with blogger (privacy issues & such). Next time I'll upload to youtube instead. Sorry! It was a dark and crappy video anyway.

Here's an inane, boring and odd video I took on Monday. Just stupid things we do at the barn with our big dog, I mean horse.

My language is less than ladylike, and I'm just a giggling moron, but hey....
That's how I roll.  Tag is pretty serious about carrots. It's like we're dealers
and he's a junkie.  Hubby indulges him... I laugh and let them get away with it.

Tag was totally fine both on Monday and yesterday. It's funny how much peace I derive from being around him and just riding for half an hour. I got him pretty sweated up yesterday, but that wasn't hard, he's like me... fat and out of shape. After 15 minutes on the longe, he was already tired and unwilling to do much. But either way, it's good to be riding again. I'm happier when I'm in the saddle.

Here's my newest office-special. I call it "The Pests". :)

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Anonymous said...

every time I think I have decided that one office special is my favorite, you come up with a better one. This office special is awesome and a clever little joke. Pests being pestered by pests! So cool & I love how you chose a more natural look to your mice this time. Less human in body shape and more mousey. Very nice, HC.


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