Thursday, April 24, 2008

Elegant, Happy Sushi.

I’m addicted. I know. I blow money I can’t really afford at the same sushi-joint at least two to three times a week. I think they should have ‘frequent flyer’ cards. I plant myself at my local Marinepolis Sushi Land snatching plates of pretty food from the slow-moving conveyer, and I spend the whole morning before going fantasizing about it. I’m a sushi savage. I eat pickled ginger like it’s going out of style, and I can easily put away six or seven plates of sushi without batting an eye. I always feel slightly embarrassed when some waify little thing comes in and eats three plates and then leaves. Not me. I gobble it up like a beast; while watching for the next yummiest morsel to slide by.

Two little sauce dishes: I blend a bit of wasabe into my soy sauce in one, and pile up the ginger in the other. Grab, dip, chomp, eat some ginger, repeat. Mmm—Mmm—Mmm.

It’s my little ritual. I like sitting down and setting up my little space at the counter.

Order: One water, one hot tea,
Set them to my right, pushed back.
Two sauce dishes, in front to the back,
Prepare sauce, stock up on ginger,
Remove sticks from packet, put packet behind sauce dishes for now.
Place napkin on knees.
Break sticks apart, twirl together to remove splinters.
Nest the plastic plate-covers together neatly to the left next to plates.
Stack plates as I eat (sorted by price for easy counting).
When I’m done, stack sauce-plates, place on top of sushi plates
Put sticks back into packet, balance on plates.
Napkin goes in empty tea-cup after doing a quick wipe-down if necessary.
Neat presentation. Get slip. Get out.
Perfect. Delicious. Uncomplicated.

I never feel icky after a lunch of sushi; no matter how big a rice-brick I’ve amassed in my belly. I don’t know where the urge began, I liked sushi before but back in December, I just started craving it all the time. My body must be low on its mercury levels or something and is sending me a message. ::hah!::

It’s not a burger, and it’s not a menu. It can be different every day if you want it to be.

/Sushi worship.


elfkin said...

Amen Sister!

Trina said...

oh if you are even in SE Portland, try Bara Sushi near 20th and clinton. It's amazing!!!


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