Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Grey and rainy and tired of driving.

It's one of those days today. I've been on standby most of the day just in case I need to run out and do some rain sampling. It means I've got all these projects up in the air, and I have to keep from starting anything because I may have to just drop it and run. Blogger is also being naughty today and giving me problems with uploading my picture and even just adding a simple post.

I have no specific, cruel or critical rants today (how gauche of me...). The mornign was so rife with things to mumble and grumble about that I just gave up trying to list them all in my head. I guess my chronic grumpyism is caused by my long daily commute, and my need to go out into the mud and rain to take rain samples. ::blurgh::

I also confess I was a mean driver today. I just had no patience for the obstacles people were creating all around me. Two people had to lean on their horn for a quarter mile while flashing and cursing me, just to vent their frustration for my cutting them off. Oh well. They do it to me on a daily basis, and I don't get my knickers into such a twist about it... if I did I'd be committed by now. I realized today that I don't see other drivers as people, and rarely, with all their prolific antics, do any of them in particular stand out or are memorable. They've just become a collection of obstacles between myself and my destination, obstacles that to hinder me; obstacles that try to slow me down or speed me up to their liking. Obstacles with no consideration beyond themselves, obstacles that like to talk on phones, text and apply cosmetics while driving. They are my bane. After 4 years of driving 2 hours a day among them; I've started losing respect for them as human beings and perceiving them as just things that are in my way.

Not good. I've started fantasizing about mounting a large Gatling gun on my hood. That would be so awesome. Just like in those shooter video games, just obliterate them off the road.

::leans back, and her eyes roll dreamily upwards, a whimsical smile crosses her lips::


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