Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Week of Bonnets

Our newest event with the Oregon Regency Society is a bonnet workshop I will be holding it up in my neck of the woods, in Welches. It's happening on Saturday. Naturally, I'm in Obsessive compulsive mode; over-preparing as usual. I've had my tote ready for a whole week; and instead of just leaving my supplies alone until Saturday, I decided I needed an 'inspiration piece' for the workshop.

So I made a bonnet. It turned out to be a very fine specimen if I say so myself. ::hee hee:: I immediately threw it up on ebay. I'm hoping it will sell and sell well, it's already got seven watchers and a query from the UK.

I used a home deco fabric this time; it was thicker; possibly for use for pillows or upholstery, even a heavier drapery, it was really pretty, and I'm partial to sage green. I'd bought the flowers at Michaels the day before for the workshop, and I had to match them by memory. I don't think I did too badly. :) I lined the brim with a really cute scallop-edged whitework cotton. I have supplies for two more bonnets, one will have the same fabric and ribbon. Those will do for the workshop. Ebaying it inspired me to ebay my full stovepipe bonnet that I made for myself. I don't know why. I guess I just figure that I can make myself another whenever I feel like it.

I covered it in dupioni silk that I used for the pelisse I made for my 2007 Regency ballgown. It seemed a pity to just pack away a nice silk, since a pelisse like that can be used only once or twice. It has taken to its new purpose quite beautifully, I dare say. I also made matching reticule to go with the bonnet, and bought some velvet in the same slate blue for a spencer. I guess they'll all go with the bonnet to auction. I could definitely use the money... and because we live in such a tiny house, space is a premium too. After Saturday, I'll have two extra bonnets to deal with. I think I may raffle those at the next Regency party (which is in Eugene).

No matter how I try, everything I do turns into something about the Regency society. I need some variety in my life! Diversify my crafts again... do some dollhouses, sew some more non-costumey things, paint and draw more... But of course, I can only fantasize about space for a proper workshop. Every time I go to IKEA and see all those beautiful organizational pieces of furniture, I want to cry. ::wah::.



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