Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Stephan Pastis is my hero.

I confess I'm addicted to "Pearls Before Swine". This cartoon has exceeded the highest benchmarks of cuteness known to man. From the inept crocs to the militant duck, there isn't a character I don't adore.

I hereby proclaim my adoration for this strip and for the ex-attorney that creates it. There's a rat that reminds me too much of myself, a sweet, clueless pig you can't help loving, the packs of crocs which apparently if they are adult males, acquire a strange speech impediment/accent, a duck that likes rocket launchers, lions who enjoy the benefit of hardworking wives, a teen croc and 'zeeba' that fall in love, and so much more.

It's clever, it's relevant, and god damn if it isn't cute as hell.

I tend to email the author frequently with annoying comments. For instance, I was so shocked by his recent decision to vilify the seemingly adorable and harmless (except to Crocs) kitten-katten "Snuffles", that I sent him an email to inform him of my astonishment. He's an affable, nice guy.
Thanks Stephan. :) I love your work.

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