Monday, April 14, 2008

My Guilty Pleasures:

Here are some of the things I secretly delight in: (some more secretly than others… Shhhhh).

Guilt levels:
*=slightly guilty
**=I don’t tell many people this
***=I tell no-one except those very closest to me, and strangers who stumble on this blog.

  • Sushi at least three times a week. ~ Because it’s yummy. *
  • Pedicures ~ Because I like to have my feet fussed over. **
  • Project Runway ~ I just think it’s a show full of seriously talented people. **
  • America’s Next Top Model ~ I just think it’s a show full of seriously stupid people who are highly entertaining with their inane drama. ***
  • Splashing through huge muddy puddles in my Jeep. ~ Because it’s fun. *
  • Jane Austen Marathon Weekends ~ When I just need my sense of whimsy and romance renewed. (it’s really the only movie-type romance I’ll tolerate) *
  • Fake Squeezie-Cheese-food from a can on Wheat Thins. :::shhhhh:: ***
  • End of the World/Armageddon Style Movies & books ~ I just like them. *
  • Shopping at World Market ~ They have nice stuff and it always smells nice there. *
  • Buying new bras and pajamas~ I like new bras and pajamas. *
  • Speeding. ~ I secretly love to speed and drive like a lunatic. I’m lucky I don’t have anything more than my four-banger; or I’d probably be roadkill. ****
  • Lemon Drop Martinis ~ They’re so stupid and trendy; but I really like them. **
  • Australian Shiraz ~ N’ Lots of it. *
  • Jessica Alba ~ Because I think she’s smoking hot and I’m not even a lesbian. ***
  • Anything Star Trek ~ I love the ST universe. Even Enterprise, sorry. **
  • Bad Sci-Fi Channel Saturday disaster/monster movies ~ It’s an occasional guilty pleasure, but I do partake of it from time to time. ***
  • Gordon Ramsay ~ Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, it doesn’t matter; if he’s in it, I’m watching it. He’s smoking hot too. *
  • Jason Statham movies ~ Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. **
  • The Chronicles of Riddick and Pitch Black ~ love them both. **
  • Fifth Element ~ one of my all-time-favourite movies. *
  • Conspiracy Theory ~ one of my all-time-favourite movies. *
  • Alan Rickman ~ I think he’s the sexiest man on earth. **
  • Patrick Stewart ~ Also the sexiest man on earth. **
  • Artery hardening Hungarian food. *
  • Buffy and Asterix Comics ~ They ended the series, which they shouldn’t have. The Asterix is a childhood thing.***
  • I love dollhouses ~ Since I was little. I still build and enjoy them now. ***
  • I dress up in Regency costume and attend teas and balls ~ Even I, the non-romantic jeans-wearing weirdo, enjoys feeling like a lady occasionally. ***
  • Witnessing comeuppance ~ who doesn't like that? *

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