Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hoodwinked by a cat.

I work for a large global manufacturing company. It’s one of the biggest companies in Oregon, and takes up a good deal of real estate in the Portland area. It’s a professional sort of place, a by-the-book kind of business. The main building has not only a manufacturing process happening inside, but also sports a reception area, some offices for HR and Payroll, Safety departments, etc.

When you walk into the lobby, there is a reception desk where a wonderful lady mans to phones and keeps things running smooth for more than just one facility. It’s a clean lobby, very professional, with a large display of one of our products. If you look carefully though, behind the huge product display as you come in; you might be surprised to see an orange cat.

The cat, who now dubbed ‘PC’, has ingratiated himself to our company. He arrived some months ago, at the time, coming for snacks and attention from the people who come out for a smoke and a snack during breaks and lunch in the outdoor smoking area. First with the graveyard shifts, then swing, then day.

First, he was just an occasional visitor. The smoke-shack, which is only a several yards from the lobby, was his first haunt. Employees on break from the manufacturing area started to bring him food. Then he got a bed.

Then PC started coming to the lobby door. Then he got in. The he was allowed inside once or twice. Then he was allowed inside only during business hours. Then he was allowed inside whenever he wanted, and stayed inside during the night. Then a new bed appeared for him. And a bowl of food. And a bowl of water. Then, a small toy. Then multiple toys.

PC now occupies the lobby pretty much full time, and has been found wandering around some of the office areas. He is always there when I go in, idling happily behind his product display, in his bed. He’s been known to harass visitors for attention and to sharpen his claws on the lobby furniture. He now demands to be let in and let out whenever he requires.

I’m not a huge cat person. But I respect PC. That is a considerable act of manipulation to squirm his way into a massive manufacturing business as if he were becoming someone’s pet. He has a parade of people loving on him every day, and is accepted by a variety of mucky-mucks who would normally not allow this. I have to tip my hat to him.

I have no idea where all his accoutrements came from, but they just tend to ‘appear’. PC’s employees take very good care of him.

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